Application process & forms

Applicants for AQD training

  • Technologists, technicians, managers, researchers, and extension workers in aquaculture and related disciplines (with the appropriate educational background)
  • At least 18 years old
  • Able to communicate in English
  • In good health

Application for training

  • Choose a training course and contact AQD Training Coordinators for the schedule and syllabus.
  • Obtain a medical certificate of good health attesting to ability to undertake training and strenuous aquaculture work.
  • Fill out an Application for Training.
  • Submit a completed Application to the AQD Training Coordinators at least one month before the start of the training course.
  • Wait for admission notice.
  • Pay the training fees.
  • If you are staying for more than two weeks, please secure 47A2 or 9A visa good for the entire duration of your stay in the Philippines.

Training fees

  • Amounts differ by course.
  • Fees cover training materials, honoraria for resource persons, field trips, and accident insurance.
  • Lodging at AQD Apartments is imperative during the regular training courses.
  • Meals are not included.
  • Damage deposit is added for courses with laboratory sessions (refundable if no damage is incurred).
  • Fees may be paid upon application, admission, or registration.
  • Fellowships are available for applicants nominated by their governments through the respective SEAFDEC Council Directors.

In the Philippines, either ~

  • Pay to the AQD Cashier at Tigbauan Main Station
  • Buy and send Postal Money Order payable to the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
  • Deposit in the SEAFDEC/AQD account # 307 112877 9 at United Coconut Planters Bank, Iznart Street, Iloilo City

From outside the Philippines, either ~

  • By Bank Draft or Demand Draft payable to the SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
  • Telegraphic transfer to the SEAFDEC/AQD account # 023 21000001 1 at Bank of Commerce, Iznart Street, Iloilo City, Philippines.  Please add US$15 to the bill to cover bank charges.


  1. Greetings,

    I came across this website while perusing for a prawn farming course. I saw in the schedule for November’s fresh watre farming. Does that include prawns? I am interested on the training but i am also unsure about the intake of a woman applicant. Do advice me on these matters as soon as possible.

    Your prompt reply is very much appreciated.

    Miss Cox.

    • Hello, Ms. Cox, thank you for your inquiry. The Freshwater course scheduled in November 2011 at SEAFDEC/AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station in the Philippines includes prawn, and in addition, tilapia, and bighead carp. We welcome trainees, both men and women. Your inquiry has been forwarded to our people involved in training. We invite you also to fill-out and submit the Application for Training form. For more information, please contact us through or Dr. Frolan Aya, who coordinates trainings at BFS, at Thank you and we look forward to your participation as you learn about the culture of freshwater species. Cheers!

  2. Renerio C Benadero

    Hi,I am interested on the Catfish Hatchery and
    Grow-out.i,m not sure if you are still accept-ing applicant for October 17-21.I am a local of iloilo and i,m also unsure if you consi-dered walk-in applicant.thanks

    • Thanks, Mr. Benadero! We shall likewise inform our Training section of your interest to join the Catfish hatchery & grow-out course. This will be conducted at SEAFDEC/AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station in Binangonan, Rizal. Kindly check your email, too. Cheers!

  3. Iam working with department of Fisheries in Brunei. Is there any invitation send to our department already, so far iam hearing any news from our administration for training. COuld you please the invitation, if there is possibility our staff in aquaculture Division could attend this training.

  4. Gabriel Niño Echague

    Hi, I’m interested on the training of (Milkfish/Seabass/Grouper). but i dont have background on fish culture, is it possible to for you to let me take the training?. i am very much interested. please send me an email for more information

    your reply is very much appreciated.

  5. To whom It May Concern,
    I am Ardiansyah, a lecturer of Agricultural Polytechnic State of Pangkep. Indonesia. I and several lecturers are interested in the training of (Milkfish/Seabass/Grouper). To join in the training, my institution require us to get letter of acceptance (LoA) from the training provider. The LoA should state about the training fee and health cover insurance. We would like to hear from you soon.

    your reply is highly appreciated.

    • Hello Mr. Ardiansyah! Greetings from the Philippines! We wish to thank you for your interest in our training programs. We’ll forward your request to our Training-in-charge. We look forward to having you in the program. Cheers!

  6. hi i’m interested to undergo training on freshwater tilapia hatchery and growout. pls help me on this. im based in palawan

    • Hello Mr. Emmanuel, thank you for your interest. On 23 – 27 January and 16 – 20 July, a training course on Tilapia Hatchery & Grow-out Operations will be held at SEAFDEC/AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station in Binangonan, Rizal. The training fee is PhP 6,000. We will also forward this to our Training-in-charge. Cheers!

  7. Hi,
    when will 2012 Training Courses be posted?

  8. Dear sir

    I am taslim from Bangladesh. I want to get training on algae culture. Do you have any programm on this topic. Please let me know.

    • Hello Taslim! As of now, there is no training on algae culture that was scheduled. You can email our training department in this email address [] about your interest on the topic. Meanwhile, you can take a look at our new 2012 Training Schedule here to find a training course that you might like. Cheers!

  9. Good day,
    I am interested on marine hatchery training. Is there any invitation send to us. thanks.

  10. Hi!
    Good day!
    I would like to ask if your company at Tigbuan Main Station(TMS) is accepting an OJT students,course of Information Technology at Southern Iloilo Polytechnic Collge-WVCST Miag ao campus?
    Hoping for your favorable response.
    Thank you !!

  11. hi
    I’m phD. student and my study is viral shrimp disease and I like to getting training course (Detection of Viral Diseases in Fish and Shrimp) I’m from iraq. my question about the time and how I can get this training
    best regard
    A.A. R. Jassim

  12. hi I ask too about programe of this training and every think about it because I’m interested to visite you as participant .
    my hope hear you soon

    best regard
    A.A. R. Jassim
    Univ. of Basrah


    • Hello Ganzallo! Kindly check our 2012 Training Schedule we posted on this site and in case you’re having a hard time finding it, here the link. Thanks!

  14. Dear Sir,

    I am very much interested for grouper hatchery seminar and would you please advice me the fix schedule.


    mhel labutap

  15. mark eric concha

    hi. i would like to attend your training on Freshwater Aquaculture or Mud Crab Hatchery, Nursery & Grow-out Operations…can you please send me the syllabus for both and would like to inquire also about the on site training. thank you. mark

  16. i send a application for Crab Hatchery, Nursery & Grow-out course which is going to be start on 27 June – 19 July can i know the progress of that.thank u.

  17. fernando demate rostata

    hopefully i could attend ur sked of trng on catfish grow out

  18. fernando demate rostata

    sir pagador gud day. will u send me training communication for attendance to support my cash advance. thanks

  19. Hello – im interested in freshwater aquaculture training on nov 12-30. But it said that i need to register at least one month before the training. I just want to check if it is still possible to register in the training given the short notice.

  20. hello is there a training schedule for 2013? I am an OFW and I was hoping to take the course (vacation), this would provide me option to learn and potentiall grow a business. I dont have any background on Aquaculture but would like to learn. I have a very limited time hence need to plan ahead if I need to be physically in the Philippines for the training. I am interested in mudcrab hatchery or the like.

    Thanks and more power!

    • Hi Conzky! We still don’t have a training schedule for 2013 yet, but we’ll post this info on this website by January 2013. This year’s 23-day mud crab training was held late May up to June; most probably, next year’s would be the same. We hope to have you train with us.

  21. Hi, I would like to inquire about your 2013 training schedule. I am interested in mud crab culture as well as the pond and cage culture of marine fin fish such as groupers, sea bass, etc. I appreciate your prompt favorable. Many thanks and Merry Christmas.

  22. perfecto l. evidor

    pls send me application for training on tilapia hatchery operation

  23. hello!
    i just checked your 2013 training schedules but your SEAWEED FARMING Course is labelled “by Appointment”. i am interested in this course. please send me details. thank you so much. :-)

  24. Good day,
    I am very much interested on this training for fresh water prawn / shrimp, because i plan to build a indoor concrete pond .

  25. Hi, I have a crab farm and I have really zero knowledge in the operations.Im just depending on my technician/worker. What course would you suggest I can take up the soonest?
    Thank you very much and looking forward for your immediate response…

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