Friday , 21 June 2024

Sustainable aquaculture

Through Trust funds provided by the Government of Japan (JTF6) since January 2015, SEAFDEC/AQD has continued implementing a regional program entitled “Promotion of sustainable aquaculture and resource enhancement in Southeast Asia” under the ASEAN-SEAFDEC Fisheries Consultative Group Program.

The main objectives of this project titled “Environment-friendly, sustainable utilization and management of fisheries and aquaculture resources” are the establishment of environment-friendly, responsible aquaculture technology, the promotion of community-based production and resource enhancement on high-value aquatic resources, and the dissemination and demonstration of resource enhancement practices.

The following activities make up this project:

  1. Use of plant-based protein sources in tilapia feeds for improved production traits,
  2. Responsible aquaculture through aquasilviculture,
  3. Community-based integrated production of abalone Haliotis asinina and sea cucumber Holothuria scabra through culture, sea ranching and stock enhancement,
  4. Promotion of resource enhancement of seahorses,
  5. Marine fish hatchery training program, and
  6. International training course on commodity-based freshwater aquaculture for remote rural areas of Southeast Asia.

This project was succeeded from a project implemented as a part of TF5 programs, which was entitled “Promotion of sustainable and region-oriented aquaculture practices”, “Resource enhancement of internationally threatened and over-exploited species in Southeast Asia through stock release”.

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