Tuesday , 18 May 2021

Rossea H. Ledesma

New Office Address of Manila Office

IMPORTANT ADVISORY: Please be informed that effective 3 May 2021, SEAFDEC/AQD’s Manila Office (MO) located at the Ground Floor of the Philippine Social Science Center Building in Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City has moved to Room 100-E. Correspondences to MO should now be sent to this address: Manila Office SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department Room 100-E, Ground Floor Philippine Social Science Center Building Commonwealth Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City 1101 Philippines

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Priority Infrastructure Updates 2021

SEAFDEC/AQD is nearing the completion of two multi-species hatcheries and a milkfish broodstock facility at its research complex in Tigbauan, Iloilo. These priority infrastructure projects are being built to intensify demonstration and techno-transfer programs, as well as to help address the shortage of aquaculture seeds in the Philippines, the host country of the research center.

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2021 Releases

Feed Mill: Products and Services Download here — File Size: 2.22 MB January-February 2021 Download here — File Size: 2.28 MB November-December 2020 Download here — File Size: 4.0 MB

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Feed Mill Services

A. Usage of Feed Mill equipment Submit a letter of request to the Research Division Head Dr. Leobert de la Peña through the Feed Mill Supervisor Mr. Joseph Biñas stating the type and amount of ingredients to be processed. Email the letter of request to jbbinas@seafdec.org.ph and leobertd@seafdec.org.ph or fax to (033) 330-7011. The processing fee will be computed based on the power consumption, labor, equipment depreciation cost, and 15% overhead cost but not lower than PhP20 per kilogram. Milled ingredients will be released upon full payment through SEAFDEC/AQD cashiering or by bank transfer to the SEAFDEC/AQD UCPB account 307-112877-9. Feed Mill personnel are the only ones allowed to operate the grinding and milling equipment. B. Request for Feed Ingredients …

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Diagnostic Services

SEAFDEC/AQD offers fish disease diagnostic services such as direct microscopy, PCR diagnosis, bacteriology, mycology, histopathology, and aflatoxin determination. To request a fish disease diagnostic from SEAFDEC/AQD: Contact the laboratory by sending an email to gigi@seafdec.org.ph for the availability of schedule, proper sampling procedure and packing of samples. Download REQUEST FORM. To pay, use the same payment options as the training / publications section of this website. Fill up the request form, attach proof of payment, and send separately from your sample. Fax to: (63-33) 330-7011 Mail to: The Head Fish Health Section SEAFDEC/AQD Tigbauan, 5021 Iloilo Philippines Hand-carry your samples to AQD; or send by registered, door-to-door courier service to the same mailing address above. Below are the diagnostic services …

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Guidelines on LFAAT Sample Acceptance and Releasing of Test Reports in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Laboratory Facilities for Advanced Aquaculture Technologies (LFAAT) of SEAFDEC/AQD requests external clients to observe the following supplemental guidelines on sample submission and releasing of test reports for laboratory testing/analytical services: Acceptance of samples will be at the main gate of the Tigbauan Main Station. The guard-on-duty will call the concerned laboratory staff for the client’s testing/analytical service needs. Proximate analysis/freeze drying – (Loc 1112/1115) Atomic Absorption Analysis/Rotavap – (Loc. 1112) Soil and Water Analysis – (Loc 1112/1115) Microbiological testing/electron microscopy – (Loc 1112) Sample receiving/test report releasing) – (Loc. 1116) General & other concerns – (Loc. 1111) Transactions with laboratory staff will be done through the phone to determine whether the sample may be …

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2020 Releases

SEAFDEC/AQD Highlights 2019 Download here — File Size: 8.1 MB AEM 67 Biology and hatchery rearing of the silver therapon Leiopotherapon plumbeus Request a copy here — File Size: 4.2 MB AEM 66 Tilapia culture: The basics Download here — File Size: 7.6 MB September-October 2020 Download here — File Size: 2.2 MB July-August 2020 Download here — File Size: 12.4 MB May-June 2020 Download here — File Size: 3.8 MB March-April 2020 Download here — File Size: 6.7 MB Oplan Balik Sugpo: Production of high quality postlarvae (2020) Download here — File Size: 3.1 MB Oplan Balik Sugpo: Environment-friendly strategies in shrimp culture (2020) Download here — File Size: 3.3 MB January-February 2020 Download here — File Size: 3.53 …

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