Wednesday , 28 September 2022

Plankton Starters

The Larval Food Laboratory (LFL) of SEAFDEC/AQD cultures several species of microalgae that provide food for aquatic organisms.

The following plankton starters produced by LFL are available for sale.

Product Quantity Price (PhP)
          Microalgal starter (unaerated) test tube 200
          Microalgal starter (unaerated) 75-150 mL 100
          Microalgal starter (from indoor culture) 1 L 100
          Microalgal starter (from outdoor culture) 10 L 150
          Microalgal paste* 1 kg 500
               Chaetoceros calcitrans
               Tetraselmis tetrathele
               Chlorella sorokiniana
               Nanochlorum sp.
          Brachionus rotundiformis 1 L 100
          Conwy medium 1 L 1,310
          F-medium 1 L 1,260
          TMRL 1 L 240
          Commercial fertilizer 1 L 150

*Three weeks advance order

Orders of microalgal starters outside Iloilo are limited to 5 liters. The cost of shipping of orders is included in the invoice/billing as follows:

Iloilo – Manila                     PhP 1,000
Iloilo – Cebu                         PhP 1,000
Iloilo – Mindanao                PhP 1,300

For orders, please email or call (033) 330-7000 local 1129.

NOTE: Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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