Thursday , 20 June 2024

Technical Assistance

SEAFDEC/AQD offers technical assistance to stakeholders of the aquaculture industry through extension and technical consultancy services.

I. Extension

  • This assistance covers requests from people’s organization, NGOs, community organizations, and local government units that do not require an extended and/or repeated involvement such as the provision of a resource person to a seminar or workshop, an ocular inspection of a site for aquaculture use suitability, inspection visit to an incident of mass mortality, and other similar activities.
  • Assistance from SEAFDEC/AQD personnel is FREE. Requesting party will only shoulder travel-related costs of the extension activity.

II. Consultancy

  • This assistance covers requests from large aquaculture enterprises (owned by an individual or company-owned) and international organizations.
  • Consultancy services have a FEE.
  • A letter of agreement, formal contract, or memorandum of agreement duly signed by the SEAFDEC/AQD Chief and the requesting party is required prior to the start of the activity. If the requesting party is a company, the authorized representative duly assigned through a Board Resolution will be the signatory. In the case of a company-owner requesting party, the Secretary’s Certificate reflecting such designation and authority shall be attached to the contract or agreement.

To avail of these services, please send a letter of request to:

Mr. Dan Baliao
Telefax: (63-33) 330-7001

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