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Analytical Services

SEAFDEC/AQD offers electron microscopy imaging (TEM and SEM), chemical, and microbiological analyses of the following:

  • feeds, feed ingredients, experimental animals and others (proximate analysis, fatty acid profile)
  • water (pH, alkalinity, chlorophyll, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen (ammonia, nitrate and nitrite), phosphate, total hardness, total suspended solids)
  • soil (pH, organic matter, available iron / phosphorus / sulfur)
  • food products and water (standard aerobic plate count or total viable count; coliform count, determination of Salmonella / Shigella / Staphylococcus aureus / Escherichia coli; yeast / mold count; water potability)

To request analytical services from SEAFDEC/AQD:

  1. Contact the laboratory by sending an email to for the availability of schedule, proper sampling procedure and packing of samples for analysis.
  2. Download REQUEST FORM.
  3. To pay, use the same payment options as the training / publications section of this website. Fill up the request form, attach proof of payment, and send separately from your sample.

    Fax to: (63-33) 330-7011

    Mail to: Laboratory Manager
    Laboratory Facilities for Advanced Aquaculture Technologies
    Tigbauan, 5021 Iloilo

  4. Hand-carry your samples to AQD; or send by registered, door-to-door courier service to the same mailing address above.

Below are the analytical services fees:

Sample Analysis Method Quantity of sample needed Fee*
Fish, feeds, feed ingredients Moisture (fish/fresh sample) Oven drying >50 g 310
Moisture (feeds/powdered sample) Halogen analyzer 160
Crude protein Kjeltec 2300 Analyzer 665
Crude fat Soxtec 2055 Analyzer 540
Crude fiber (from fat) Fibertec 785
Crude fiber (from original sample) Soxtec 2055 Analyzer + Fibertec 1,325
Ash by AOAC method 923.03 275
Calcium (from original sample) Permanganate titration >50 g 1,110
Calcium (from Ash) Permanganate titration 835
Phosphorus (from original sample) Colorimetry 1,515
Phosphorus (from Ash) Colorimetry 1,240
Total lipid and fatty acid methyl ester Gas chromatography-ready samples only GC-FID 1,400
Water pH by pH meter 50 mL 135
Alkalinity Titrimetry 200 mL 210
Ammonia Phenate 500 mL 250
Chlorophyll Spectrophotometry 500 mL 465
Dissolved oxygen Winkler 300 mL 285
Nitrate-Nitrogen Continuous flow analyzer, Colorimetry 500 mL 640
Nitrite-Nitrogen Colorimetry 500 mL 265
Total Nitrite+Nitrate-Nitrogen Continuous flow analyzer 500 mL 375
Phosphate-Phosphorus Ascorbic acid 500 mL 210
Total hardness EDTA titration 500 mL 195
Total suspended solids Gravimetry 500 mL 245
Soil (air dried, powdered and passed 35-40 mesh) pH by pH meter 100 g 225
Iron Colorimetry 425
Organic matter Walkley-Black 320
Available phosphorus Olsen’s method 430
Available sulfur Turbidimetry 400
Aquaculture products, other foods and water Heterotrophic Plate Count1,2 Bacteriological Analytical Manual Method1 and Standard Methods for Examination of Water and Wastewater2 500 g per
500 mL
Total Coliform Count1,2 300
Salmonella spp.1 480
Vibrio spp.1 480
Staphylococcus aureus1 360
Yeast/mold count1 300
Water potability 700
Thermotolerant/Escherichia coli1,2 480
Total Coliform and E. coli Count by Colilert-18 (Rapid Test)2 1,000
Biological/non-biological samples Morphology (with 6 photomicrographs**) Transmission electron microscope 1 mm in  at least 1 dimension 6,960
Morphology (with 6 photomicrographs) Scanning electron microscope

less than
2 x 2 x 0.5 cm, L x W x H

Water Detection of heavy metals and other metallic elements (calcium, magnesium, copper, iron) Atomic absorption spectrophotometry 500 mL 500 per metal
Feed Detection of heavy metals and other metallic elements (calcium, magnesium, copper, iron) Atomic absorption spectrophotometry 50 g 1,000 per metal

*We provide 20% discount on analytical service fees for student researches.

**Every additional photomicrographs will be charged Php 60

Analytical Services Brochure (revised 2021)
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