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Diagnostic Services

SEAFDEC/AQD offers fish disease diagnostic services such as direct microscopy, PCR diagnosis, bacteriology, mycology, histopathology, and aflatoxin determination.

To request a fish disease diagnostic from SEAFDEC/AQD:

  1. Contact the Fish Health Section Diagnostic Services for the availability of schedule by sending an email to or call telephone no. (033) 511-9170 loc 1177 / mobile no. (0935)1666357.
  2. Fill up the REQUEST FORM and hand-carry samples to SEAFDEC/AQD or send by registered, door-to-door courier service to:

The Diagnostic Services
Fish Health Section
Tigbauan, 5021 Iloilo

  1. Upon receipt of the Statement of Account from the Fish Health Section, you can pay through:
      • Bank transfer: Deposit the computed amount to SEAFDEC/AQD savings account # 307 1128779 at UCPB-Iznart Branch Iloilo City. Email the bank confirmation or scan of the deposit slip to Alternatively, fax the deposit slip to (033) 3307011 c/o Fish Health Section.
      • Cash payment: Cash payment is made to the Cashier of SEAFDEC/AQD in Tigbauan, Iloilo by presenting a copy of the Statement of Account. Present the official receipt to the Fish Health Section.
      • Check payment: Checks should be made payable to the Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center Aquaculture Department and mail to the Fish Health Section together with a copy of the Statement of Account.
  1. The Fish Health Section will release the result, if ready, upon receipt of the proof of payment.

Ways of sending samples:

  1. Live samples

Appropriate for examinations such as:

      • Microscopy
      • Bacteriology
      • Mycology
      • Virology (PCR and tissue culture)
      • Histopathology
  1. Iced samples

Appropriate for examinations such as:

      • Microscopy
      • Bacteriology
      • Mycology
      • Virology
  1. Fixed samples

Appropriate for examinations such as:

      • Virology (PCR)
      • Histopathology

Method of sampling for:

Below are the diagnostic services fees:

Diagnostic Services Fee (PHP)
Direct microscopy of wet mounts or tissue smears
Fish/Shrimp larval monitoring + MBV detection 250
Parasite detection and identification (1-5 specimens) 150
PCR-based diagnosis
Shrimp viruses
WSSV, IHHNV (IQ2000 kit) 900
WSSV and IHHNV soil and water sample 3,000
WSSV, IHHNV soil, water, and tissue sample (Real-time qPCR) 3,000
TSV, YHV, GAV, IMNV (IQ2000 kit) 1,000
MBV 900
WTD – XSV, MrNV 900
Shrimp bacteria, AHPND (IQ2000 kit) 900
Shrimp microsporidian parasite, EHP (IQ2000 kit) 900
Fish viruses
KHV (IQ2000 kit) 900
SVCV (IQ2000 kit) 1,000
VNN (IQ2000 kit) 1,000
Iridovirus (IQ2000 kit) 900
Bacterial isolation (1-5 specimens) 300
Bacterial identification (Conventional method, per isolate; minimum of 5 isolates) 750
Bacterial count (water samples, 1-10 pcs. fry, fingerlings, and juveniles)
Total plate count, luminous bacteria count, total presumptive Vibrio 300
Vibrio parahaemolyticus, V. cholerae, V. alginolyticus count 300
Marine fungal isolation 300
Histopathology (H&E stain of routine paraffin sections)
Full mount (per slide) 300
Typical section (per slide or tissue) 300
Serial section (per slide) 300
Aflatoxin detection
Feeds and animal tissue (Elabscience rapid test kit) 500
Analytical Services Brochure (revised 2020)
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