2017 Releases

Community-based Resource Enhancement (2017)
Contains information on the community-based resource enhancement project of SEAFDEC/AQD in Sagay Marine Reserve, Sagay City, Philippines.
 Download PDF Format — File Size: 3.96 MB
Abalone Culture (2017)
Contains information on the hatchery and grow-out culture of abalone.
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SEAFDEC/AQD Dumangas Brackishwater Station (revised 2017)
A visitor flyer on AQD’s station.
 Download PDF Format — File Size: 1.5 MB
Larval Food Laboratory (2016)
Contains information on the microalgae produced by SEAFDEC/AQD.
 Download PDF Format — File Size: 1.7 MB
November-December 2016
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Sandfish Training Course

SEAFDEC/AQD is now accepting applicants for Sandfish Seed Production, Nursery and Management on 19 April - 3 May 2017 at Tigbauan Main Station, Iloilo, Philippines