Sunday , 5 April 2020

Fisheries research opportunities with FBC

Dr. Choresca during his presentation at AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station

Dr. Casiano Choresca Jr. introduced the newly established National Fisheries Research and Development Institute-Fisheries Biotechnology Center (NFRDI-FBC) and its thrusts during a seminar at AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station last 6 October 2016.

FBC* is the government’s lead center in all fisheries biotechnology-related endeavors for the development and management of fisheries and aquatic resources in the Philippines. Its mission is to develop strong linkages and collaborations among institutions, agencies and stakeholders towards the promotion, enhancement and improvement of fisheries biotechnology.

FBC started with the preliminary inventory of research on fisheries biotechnology to which Dr. Choresca noted that fisheries biotechnology research is only 4% of all biotechnology research on food sources where most focus on agricultural crops and livestock.

FBC is encouraging researchers to submit proposals and apply for funding to aid the lack of fisheries and aquaculture research in the country. FBC is aiming to fund studies that focus on molecular characterization, natural products screening and production and improvement of culture and breeding techniques.

For more details of submission and other information, contact the National Fisheries Research and Development Institute-Fisheries Biotechnology Center [].

*FBC was established in response to the Administrative Order 21 series of 2005 that led the creation of biotechnology centers for crops, livestock and fisheries.

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