Monday , 17 June 2024

AQD assists Timor Leste anew

Upon the request of ACDI/VOCA, scientist and head of technology verification & demonstration Dr. Emilia Quinitio was sent by SEAFDEC/AQD to Vermasse, Baucau district of Timor Leste from 13 to 19 October.

Dr. Quinitio was able to (1) demonstrate and supervise the operation of the newly constructed hatchery, in particular, setting-up the phycology laboratory using green microalgae and rotifers brought from AQD; (2) conduct training on the hatchery management of mud crab (total trainees = 14); and (3) inspect and set-up the operation of the broodstock / larval rearing facilities and nursery ponds designed by AQD. For the phycology lab, she was assisted by technician Ms. Sharon Saracin who stayed in Timor Leste for a month.

A meeting with entrepreneurs and potential investors was also arranged by ACDI/VOCA to discuss possible aqua-businesses in Timor Leste. ACDI/VOCA is the Agricultural Cooperative Development International / Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance of the US Department of Agriculture that has engaged AQD for technical assistance in the mud crab project which started in 2010.

Opening ceremony of the crab hatchery course in Timor Leste; demonstration on identifying mature crab female
Indoor larval rearing tanks; outdoor natural food tanks and reservoir

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