2018 Releases

  ​ ​ ​ May-June 2018  Download PDF Format — File Size: 11.7 MB AEM 34 Biology and Hatchery of Mangrove Crabs Scylla spp. ET Quinitio, FD Parado-Estepa, JJDC Huervana  (2018, 3rd edition) 46 pp A 46-page revised edition of the 2008 manual that describes the hatchery protocol that SEAFDEC/AQD developed for the mass production of mangrove crabs Scylla spp. Setting up of the hatchery is described, as are the steps in managing the breeders, larval rearing, and nursery rearing. Common problems and their solutions, and an updated economic analyses are …

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2017 Releases

​ September-October 2017  Download PDF Format  — File Size: 3.18 MB Sea bass Culture (2017) Contains information on the hatchery, nursery, and grow-out culture of sea bass.  Download PDF Format — File Size: 2.03 MB July-August 2017  Download PDF Format — File Size: 10.1 MB AEM 64 Diseases of juvenile and adult mud crab Scylla spp. in the Philippines Eleonor A. Tendencia, Ma. Venuz C. Cabilitasan, Emilia Tobias-Quinitio (2017) 30 pp A 30-page manual detailing the different diseases of mud crab and the corresponding prevention/control measures. Each copy costs US$ 4 Browse through …

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2014 Releases

AQD Matters July-August 2014  Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format — File Size: 5.00 MB AQD Matters May-June 2014  Flip through the pages  Download PDF format– File Size: 8.62 MB    AQD matters March-April 2014    Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format– File Size: 9.14 MB   Highlights 2013  Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format– File Size: 9.6 MB   AEM 59 Seed production of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus Felix Ayson, Ofelia Reyes, Evelyn Grace Ayson A 19-page extension manual describing the biology, site selection, broodstock management, larval rearing …

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