Thursday , 13 June 2024

SEAFDEC fish health management training attended by 5 member countries

A 15-day hands-on training course on Fish Health Management, offered by SEAFDEC/AQD, was held from 15–29 April 2024, drawing 12 participants from different Southeast Asian countries.

The Government of Japan-Trust Fund sponsored seven trainees – four from the Philippines and one each from Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand, and Viet Nam – while another five were funded privately.

Throughout the course, SEAFDEC/AQD’s scientists and researchers delivered lectures on various topics, including disease development in aquaculture; viral diseases of fish and crustaceans; aseptic techniques and laboratory safety; bacterial diseases; parasitic diseases; biosecurity measures in shrimp and fish culture; and serological and DNA-based techniques in disease diagnosis.

Hands-on practical sessions provided trainees with firsthand experience in processing shrimp and fish samples for disease diagnosis; identifying fungal diseases in aquatic species; isolating fungi; detecting parasites in crustaceans; and isolating bacteria.

The training course not only equipped participants with essential knowledge and skills in fish health management but also provided opportunities for collaboration and knowledge exchange among aquaculture professionals across Southeast Asia.

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