Monday , 17 June 2024

Abalone thrive on a mixed diet

In a tank facility, abalone were fed three diets: seaweed, formulated diet, and a mix of both. After 10 months, the results were clear. Abalone-fed mixed diets came out on top, having the highest mean shell length and body weight. Growth rates and survival were also significantly higher with mixed diets. Feed conversion ratios were also lowest with the mixed diet, meaning the diet was most efficiently converted to abalone meat, compared to a pure seaweed or formulated diet.

This study was published last 27 January 2023 by SEAFDEC/AQD Scientist Ma. Junemie Hazel L. Lebata-Ramos in the journal Aquaculture International. Her co-authors were her colleagues, Ellen Flor D. Solis and Joseph B. Biñas.

You may request the full research paper here:

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