Friday , 21 June 2024

Fine-tuning an electrifying algae harvest

Harvesting algae using electricity, technically termed electroflocculation, was tested at different voltage settings to find the ideal voltage to produce the best quality microalgae paste. The study found that 7 volts was the magic number, producing the best harvest biomass with low metal contamination. It was also found that storing the paste in a chiller instead of a freezer maintained higher cell viability for later use. The paste can be reactivated even after 6 months in storage and can still be used as a starter culture for aquaculture.

This study was published last 01 December 2022 by SEAFDEC/AQD Associate Researcher Annie U. Villa-Franco in the Journal of Applied Phycology. Her co-authors were Christine Marie L. Teves, Knessa Louie G. Dato-on, Evelyn Grace D. J. Ayson, Roselyn C. Usero, and Milagros R. de la Peña

You may request the full research paper here:

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