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Foreign investors eyeing Philippine aquaculture

By Development Communication Section

Members of BCCP-member companies visit SEAFDEC/AQD’s FishWorld museum

Aquaculture is gaining interest from foreign investors according to a delegate of the British Chamber of Commerce Philippines (BCCP) trade mission during their tour of SEAFDEC/AQD’s FishWorld Museum and Integrated Fish Broodstock Hatchery Complex in 9 March 2018.

“We’ve received queries coming from foreign clients and they’re always asking about aquaculture in the Philippines and [they are] always looking for successful business models that they can replicate,” said HSBC Philippines Head of Communications Mr. Claro Fernandez during an open forum.

Mr. Fernandez was among the nine representatives of different BCCP-member companies who handpicked SEAFDEC/AQD as a destination of the trade mission as they sought to engage in various industries including agriculture and aquaculture.

In response, SEAFDEC/AQD Training and Information Head Dr. Edgar Amar guaranteed that SEAFDEC/AQD is willing to support future investors in aquaculture by providing information, training and technical assistance.

BCCP’s Iloilo Trade Mission is part of the annual Great British Festival of the British Embassy and it aims to strengthen linkages between BCCP, the government, and private sectors in exploring the areas in Iloilo that have huge potential for investment.

Dr. Amar of SEAFDEC/AQD (left) and Mr. Fernandez of HSBC discuss about foreign investors’ growing interest in aquaculture at SEAFDEC/AQD’s FishWorld Museum


Ms. Bernadita Eullaran, SEAFDEC/AQD staff, touring trade mission delegates at the Integrated Fish Broodstock Hatchery Complex

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