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AQD Participates in SEAFDEC Department Chiefs’ Meeting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia

By Development Communication Section/B Acosta

AQD participants with officers/delegations from SEAFDEC Technical Departments and Secretariat.

Dr. Chihaya Nakayasu, SEAFDEC/AQD Acting Chief; Dr. Evelyn Grace de Jesus-Ayson, Research Division Head; Dr. Rowena Romana-Eguia, Scientist and OIC, AQD Manila Office; Ms. Belen Acosta, Special Departmental Coordinator; and Ms. Anna Maria Ortiz, Administrative Assistant attended the Department Chiefs’ Meeting held last 3 December 2016 in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Participants of the meeting were the SEAFDEC Secretary General, Deputy Secretary General, Chiefs and respective delegations of SEAFDEC Technical Departments (AQD, IFRDMD, MFRD, MFRDMD, and TD ) and Secretariat.

The SEAFDEC Departments’ Chief Meeting was convened to discuss the activities of SEAFDEC that require collaboration and inputs from Technical Departments and Secretariat. Among the important aspects discussed were the required follow-up actions to the 39th Meeting of SEAFDEC Program Committee and the 19th Meeting of the FCG/ASSP, preparations for the 50th Anniversary of SEAFDEC and the 49th Meeting of SEAFDEC Council in 2017 and information-related matters.

Concerning collaboration between Technical Departments, SEAFDEC-IFRDMD and AQD were asked to collaborate and strengthen linkages in inland aquaculture R&D. This is to enable SEAFDEC to effectively support and assist the ASEAN member states in addressing issues that pertain to inland fishery resource management.

On information related matters, SEAFDEC Departments were requested to consider establishing their respective repositories of published articles to enhance accessibility of their technical information to the public. In this connection, the Secretariat, with the assistance of AQD, was asked to facilitate the conduct of inter-departmental workshop on the development of SEAFDEC repositories.

With regards to the 50th Anniversary Celebration of SEAFDEC that will be held in Pattaya, Thailand in November 2017, SEAFDEC Secretariat and Technical Departments have firmed up the plans and preparations needed, based on the recommendations given by the 39th Program Committee.

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