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Letter from our trainee: My first try at catfish fry production

lluch_cover photo
The catfish 2014 trainees during a site visit at Zarraga, Iloilo. (Inset) Mr. Lluch performing induced spawning of catfish

This is to inform you that my first try at African catfish fry production after attending SEAFDEC/AQD’s training course last August 2014 under the able guidance of Ms. Ruby Bombeo as Course Director has proven successful so far (this is still Day 5).

The breeders I used are a 1.2kg female from Davao and a 1kg male from Bukidnon. The HCG I injected was 3000 IU/kg.   For the initial feeding at Day 3, I provided 8gm per day at 2 times per day the Z-Mel micro encapsulated feed and Artemia nauplii.The estimated number of catfish larvae at Day 5 is roughly 100,000.

I am very thankful to SEAFDEC/AQD for the training, especially Ms. Ruby Bombeo, who was very thorough and methodical in her approach. I am likewise very thankful to Mr. Rito Bombeo without whose help during the hatching operation I doubt if I could have made it, especially when I am still recuperating from a medical operation.

As a retired City Administrator of Iligan City, my time and money spent for the catfish training at SEAFDEC/AQD were good investments.  I just cannot contain my excitement now because recently, I am receiving orders for my catfish fry.

Once again thank you and Mabuhay!

Very truly yours,

Pacificador Lluch Jr.

Mr. Pacificador Lluch, Jr (in white) with fellow catfish training alumni

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