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SEAFDEC/AQD joins scientific convention on microbiology

By Development Communication Section

PSM Visayas Regional Chapter officers (2013-2014) during the convention
PSM Visayas Regional Chapter officers (2013-2014) during the convention

SEAFDEC/AQD took part in the 2014 Philippine Society for Microbiology Incorporated (PSM) Visayas Regional Chapter annual meeting and regional scientific convention from 16 to 17 October at Iloilo City.

Scientists, researchers and members of the academe gathered in this annual event. This year’s scientific meeting served as a venue for local researchers to present their results. PSM invited these local researchers to do a series of plenary lectures in relation to the theme “local and global trends in emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases”. It also became an avenue for budding microbiologists, both professionals and students, to develop their presentation skills by participating in an oral and poster session competition.

Four of the PSM Visayas Regional Chapter officers are from AQD, namely; senior technical assistants Mr. Demy Catedral (corresponding secretary) & Mr. Joseph Faisan Jr. (business manager) and scientists Dr. Rolando Pakingking Jr. (aquatic microbiology division representative) & Dr. Edgar Amar (environmental microbiology division representative).

PSM is an organization that aims to promote scientific knowledge in the field of Microbiology and other related fields. The organization conducts various activities such as workshops, publications, hosts a bi-annual symposia and an annual conference.

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