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AQD research staff gain new learning experience in Japan

By Development Communication Section

(Left) At the private hatchery were (L-R) hatchery manager Mr. Azumi, Ms. Jilla Alcalde, a Korean student, Prof. Katsutoshi Arai (in pink) and Mr. Demy Catedral. Ms. Alcalde doing laboratory work at Hokkaido University

For four decades, SEAFDEC/AQD has worked with Japan (a member country of SEAFDEC) in training aquaculture and fisheries researchers. The latest batch included two AQD staff who went to the Faculty of Fisheries Science, Hokkaido University from 6 October to 1 November. Their visit and cooperative research were part of the “Environment-friendly aquaculture and stock enhancement in Southeast Asia project” under the framework of the Asia-Africa Science Platform Program of JSPS (Japan Society of the Promotion of Science).

AQD senior technical assistant Mr. Demy Catedral was able to work on sequencing the 16S rRNA gene of bacterial strains isolated from the biofilm found on larval rearing plates of abalone (Haliotis asinina). Mr. Catedral worked at the microbiology laboratory under Prof. Tomoo Sawabe and at the laboratory of aquaculture genetics & genomics under Prof. Katsutoshi Arai. Meanwhile, technical assistant Ms. Jilla Alcalde worked on the fatty acid analysis of abalone and seahorse samples at the Department of Chemistry under Prof. Yutaka Itabashi.

Both staff were also able to visit the Hokkaido Aquaculture Promotion Corp. in Kumaishi which raises temperate abalone (H. discus hannai) in the hatchery.

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