Wednesday , 18 September 2019

AQD experts get a thumbs-up from shrimp trainees

A practical session on natural food production

Completing the two-week course on “Shrimp hatchery operation and management” on 19 November were three trainees from Cambodia (Mr. Em Thearith), Egypt (Dr. Mona Azzan Hasssan Abdat), and the Philippines (Ms. Nori Abegail Acebes).

The trainees were thankful that the AQD resource persons unselfishly shared their knowledge and skills. “I found that everything in AQD is up-to-date, from knowledge to experience, and now I am sure I can start my hatchery in a scientific way,” said Dr. Abdat. In addition, Mr. Thearith said that he will apply what he learned from the course in Cambodia.

The course had lectures and practical sessions on larval rearing, eyestalk ablation, natural food production, feed preparation, shrimp disease monitoring, shrimp grow-out management and others. The trainees also visited the AQD stations in Dumangas, Iloilo and Igang, Guimaras which, according to Ms. Acebes, had helped in planning how to put up her own hatchery and grow-out facilities.

Counterclockwise: AQD scientist Dr. Fe Dolores Estepa lectures on the biology of Penaeid shrimps, trainees identify shrimp larval stages, and Dr. MAH Abdat observes shrimp mysis

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