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Directory of Experts – Erish Estante-Superio

Erish, Estante-Superio
Erish Estante-Superio
MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)
Expertise: Crustaceans (shrimp, mangrove crab, giant freshwater prawn)


  1. Journal article Santander-Avanceña, S. S., Monteclaro, H. M., Estante-Superio, E. G., Catedral, D. D., & Traifalgar, R. F. M. (2022). The influence of monosex rearing on gonad maturation and reproductive behavior of Indian white prawn, Penaeus indicus broodstock. Aquaculture, 552, 738030.
  2. Estante-Superio, E.G., Santander-Avanceña, S.S., de la Peña, L.D., Garibay, E.S., Gardoce, R.S. & Dayrit, R., (2021). Growth performance, production and economic viability of Indian white shrimp (Penaeus indicus H. Milne Edwards) fed with varying dietary protein levels. Aquaculture Research, 53(4), 1563-1572.
  3. Estante-Superio, E. G., Pakingking Jr, R. V., Corre Jr, V. L., & Cruz-Lacierda, E. R. (2021). Vibrio harveyi-like bacteria associated with fin rot in farmed milkfish Chanos chanos (Forsskal) fingerlingsin the Philippines. Aquaculture, 534, 736259. Short communication.
  4. Virgula J. C., Cruz-Lacierda E., R., Estante E. G., & Corre Jr. V. L., (2017). Copper sulfate as treatment for the ectoparasite Amyloodinium ocellatum (Dinoflagellida) on milkfish (Chanos chanos) fry. AACL Bioflux 10(2), 365- 371.
  5. Lazado, C. C., Caipang, C. M. A., & Estante, E. G. (2015). Prospects of host-associated microorganisms in fish and penaeids as probiotics with immunomodulatory functions. Fish and Shellfish Immunology, 45(1), 2-12.
  6. Book chapter Estante-Superio, E. G., Panizales, J., Arganioza, H. M. & Baliao, D. D. (2022). Impacts of Intensification of aquaculture on the environment. In: The Southeast Asian state of fisheries and aquaculture 2022 (pp. 182-187). Bangkok, Thailand: Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center.
  7. Andrino-Felarca, K. G. S., Estante, E. G., & Lazado, C. C. (2015). Viral diseases of shrimp in the Philippines. In: C. M. A. Caipang, M. B. I. Bacano-Maningas, & F. F. Fagutao (Eds.), Biotechnological Advances in Shrimp Health Management in the Philippines (pp. 19-44). Kerala: Research Signpost.
  8. Monograph Cruz-Lacierda, E. R., Estante, E. G., de Jesus-Ayson, E. G. T., & Corre Jr., V. L. (2015).Health management of milkfish Chanos chanos. Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines: Aquaculture Department
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