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Technical seminars a hit at aquaculture expo

by Development Communication

SEAFDEC/AQD Acting Chief Dr. Chihaya Nakayasu (left) and
UBM ASEAN Group Director Ms. Rose Chitanuwat gave their welcome messages during the Technical Seminar Series

The seminar room was overflowing with over 150 participants attending each of the nine lectures given by SEAFDEC/AQD experts during the last day of the Aquaculture Philippines held 24-26 May 2017 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Philippines.

The Technical Seminar Series featured SEAFDEC/AQD aquaculture technologies for sustainable food production and stock enhancement.

The morning topics included the production of quality seeds of marine fishes; community-based resource enhancement; breeding and farming updates on tilapia, freshwater prawn and silver perch; and aquaculture in inland waters. The lectures were delivered by Research Division Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson, Associate Scientist Dr. Nerissa Salayo, and Scientists Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia and Dr. Maria Lourdes Aralar.

Afternoon sessions were on feed formulation and production; emerging diseases in Philippine shrimp farming; clonal propagation and culture of seaweed Kappaphycus; mud crab production in pond; and production of single oysters. The lectures were given by Retired Scientist Dr. Relicardo Coloso, Scientist Dr. Rolando Pakingking, Jr., Associate Scientist Ms. Maria Rovilla Luhan, Senior Scientist Dr. Emilia Quinitio, and Training and Information Division Head Dr. Ma. Junemie Hazel Lebata-Ramos.

Acting Chief Dr. Chihaya Nakayasu expressed his gratitude to UBM, the organizer of the event, and to all the speakers for sharing to the stakeholders the latest updates in the science-based aquaculture technologies and technical services of SEAFDEC/AQD.

Co-located with Aquaculture Philippines was the 2nd National Aquaculture Summit where Dr. Eguia was able to present SEAFDEC/AQD as a generator and promoter of science-based aquaculture technologies. She emphasized that SEAFDEC/AQD’s main mandate is to do research on aquaculture and has been partnering with the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to address the needs of the fish farmers and other stakeholders in the industry.  Associate Scientist Ms. Jocelyn Ladja, Researcher Ms. Gregoria Pagador and Senior Technical Assistant Ms. Haydee Dumaran also attended the event.

The three-day expo, organized by UBM Exhibitions Philippines, Inc. in partnership with the Department of Agriculture, served as one of the venues for SEAFDEC/AQD to promote its programs and reach out to the public. As one of the exhibitors, SEAFDEC/AQD offered technical consultation and farmer-friendly publications to entrepreneurs and other stakeholders.

SEAFDEC/AQD Scientist and OIC of Manila Office Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia talks about the mandates of AQD to the participants of the 2nd National Aquaculture Summit


Visitors check the publications displayed at SEAFDEC/AQD booth


Research Division Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson answers the queries
of fish farmers who avail of technical consultation at the SEAFDEC/AQD booth


An attendee asks a question about the stock enhancement activities of SEAFDEC/AQD during the open forum


UBM Sales Manager Mr. Michael Blancas receives the token of appreciation from SEAFDEC/AQD


The speakers of the technical seminar series (L-R): TID Head Dr. Ma. Junemie Lebata-Ramos, Senior Scientist Dr. Emilia Quinitio, Associate Scientist Ms. Maria Rovilla Luhan, Scientist Dr. Rolando Pakingking, Jr, TVDD Head Dr. Fe Dolores Estepa (moderator), Ms. Rose Chitanuwat (UBM representative), Retired Scientist Dr. Relicardo Coloso, Scientist Dr. Maria Lourdes Aralar, RD Head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson and Scientist Dr. Maria Rowena Eguia (not in the picture)

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