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28 July – 1 August 2014
SEAFDEC/AQD’s 41st Anniversary, AQD Museum’s Year 21, FishWorld’s Year 14

Rationale of Sci-Art AquaWeek

The SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department advances responsible aquaculture and supports sustainable development in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. SEAFDEC FishWorld is dedicated to science and environment education of the general public—children, adults, students, teachers, researchers, public officials, tourists, local residents, etc.—particularly about aquatic ecosystems and biodiversity, aquaculture and fisheries, and marine conservation.

Sci-Art AquaWeek seeks to build understanding and appreciation among school children and teachers in Panay of the research and development work of SEAFDEC/AQD and the relations between aquatic biodiversity, aquaculture, fisheries, human nutrition, and economic advancement.   Such understanding is then expressed through contests with various outputs. Sci-Art AquaWeek 2014 focuses on (1) aquaculture and its importance to food security, and (2) the Philippines being the center of the center of marine biodiversity and how Filipinos should know more about this natural heritage. Five contests are open to all high schools, and four contests to all elementary schools. There is no registration fee.

Events during Sci-Art AquaWeek
Date Day Time Events
28 July Mon 8am – 5pm Biodiversity Lab: “Fish diversity around Panay and Guimaras HS
8am – 5pm Biodiversity Workshop and Quiz: “The Philippines is the center of mollusk diversity HS
29 Jul Tue 8am – 5pm Painting: “The Philippines is the center of marine biodiversity HS
1pm – 5pm Powerpoint Seminar: “Aquaculture versus fisheries HS
30 Jul Wed 8am – 12nn Bring, Show and Tell (by teachers): “Farmed seafood for good health ES
2pm – 5pm Nutrition and Aquaculture Quiz ES
31 Jul Thu 8am – 12nn Write and Draw a Booklet: “Paglaki ko, I want to be a fish farmer ES
1pm – 5pm Aquarium Quiz: “Lantawa! ES
1 Aug Fri 8am – 12nn Seafood Skills Olympics: “Preparing and serving sutokil HS
12nn Anniversary lunch: FishWorld is 14!
4pm – 5pm Award Ceremony (for winners and coaches) HS, ES

Invitations to Principals, descriptions of the contests, and Participation Forms are available from FishWorld, phone (33)-315-5665 and 0921-559-0824, and on the website Sample quizzes and other information materials may also be downloaded.

In keeping with 19 years’ practice, invitation letters and descriptions of contests are sent to the Principals of about 50 schools in Iloilo and Guimaras when classes start in June. Principals choose contestants and coaches as soon as possible. Students, pupils, teachers, and parents work together and do background research, collect specimens, practice drawing and presenting, and make all related preparations for the competitions in July. Principals fill in the Participation Forms with the contestants’ and coaches’ correct names and submit the forms to SEAFDEC FishWorld, 5021 Tigbauan, Iloilo, or fax them to (33)-511-8709 as soon as possible before Friday, 25 July 2014. The FishWorld staff needs lead time to prepare Certificates of Participation, other materials, and logistics.

For information materials, description of contest and participation forms, click to download the following:
Invitation ES principals
Invitation HS principals
Participation form ES
Participation form HS
Sci-Art Contests for Elementary Schools
Sci-Art Contests for High Schools
Biodiversity Lab Report, Table of Fish Species
Biodiversity Workshop Table of Mollusk Species
Fundamentals of Aquaculture
Sample Aquarium Quiz
Sample Nutrition Quiz
Sample Placement of species in aquaria

For information materials, description of contest and participation forms, click to download the following: – See more at:
For information materials, description of contest and participation forms, click to download the following: – See more at:

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