Sunday , 5 July 2020

Harvesting milkfish @ low tide


By Development Communication Section

Milkfish swim against the current, and fish farmers take advantage of this habit to harvest milkfish. Filipinos call this method “pasulang”. However, this cannot be done during low tide; instead, milkfish is harvested by totally draining ponds.

On 12 August, 173 kg of milkfish was harvested at AQD’s brackishwater station in Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines. Thanks to technical assistant Mr. Jerry Babiera, technicians Mr. Ralen Depamaylo, Mr. Jorge Amihan, Mr. Federico Sotela, pond aides Mr. Felix Javero, Mr. Nestor Ardales and Mr. Alfredo Sotela.


To harvest milkfish at low tide: (1) Open the pond gate to release the water, (2) Tie the harvest net near the pond gate, (3) Seine the fish when 80% of the water is drained, (4) Transfer the collected fish to the harvest net, (5) Scoop the fish and place in a transport bag, (6) Place fish in a tub with crushed ice, (7) Handpick the remaining fish when the pond is totally drained, (8) Place the chilled fish on the sorting table and sort by size, (9) Weigh the harvested fish, and (10) Pack and transport to target market
AQD’s Dumangas Brackishwater Station

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