Monday , 6 April 2020

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Quality seed for sustainable aquaculture

For years, Southeast Asia has been known as a major contributor to world aquaculture production. This can be attributed to the fact that most Asian countries have developed and refined seed production and farming techniques for major commercially important aquaculture species and are now more aware of the merits of using quality seeds in aquaculture. Good quality seedstock means fit, ‘clean’, uniformly-sized fry, fingerlings, or juveniles (and for seaweeds, plantlets) that subsequently express good performance attributes during culture. These beneficial traits are desirable color, shape, good growth, health, efficient feed conversion, high reproduction, tolerance to and survival in poor and/or extreme environmental conditions. Success in the sustainable production of aquatic species for human consumption depends primarily on the availability of such …

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GAPs mean food safety

Good aquaculture practices (GAPs) mean production of safe aquaculture products for human consumption. This is the consensus of an international workshop organized by AQD in Iloilo in January 2011.

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