Wednesday , 4 October 2023

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Promoting tropical eel culture in the Philippines

Eel aquaculture is an important activity in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Philippines, and Viet Nam. With the decline in the wild fishery stock of cold-water eel species there has been an increasing interest in the culture of tropical eel species as an export commodity.

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Renewing the push for pompano farming

Despite its proven culinary and aquaculture value worldwide, pompano is yet to take off in the Philippines. Regardless, SEAFDEC/AQD is bent on promoting the pompano as the next big thing in Philippine aquaculture.

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Oplan Balik Sugpo Update

After three consecutive years of successful verification runs at its Dumangas Brackishwater Station (DBS), SEAFDEC/AQD collaborated with the Department of Agriculture-National Fisheries Research and Development Institute (DA-NFRDI) for this year’s continuation of the Oplan Balik Sugpo Program. 

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