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Digital copies of some manuals and other publications are now available for download at the SEAFDEC/AQD Institutional Repository.

Aquaculture Extension Manuals (AEM)

AEM 74 Nursery and grow-out culture of snubnose pompano (Trachinotus blochii, Lacepede) in brackishwater ponds
DD Baliao et al (2023) 26 pp
This manual tackles a viable technology that can guide fish farmers in raising pompano in brackishwater ponds.
Each print copy costs US$5
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AEM 73 Nursery and grow-out culture of snubnose pompano (Trachinotus blochii, Lacepede) in marine cages
REP Mamauag et al (2023) 34 pp
This manual includes culture methods and good practices that are the product of research done at SEAFDEC/AQD.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 72 Black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon) hatchery operations using enhanced biosecurity measures
Leobert de la Peña et al (2023) 49 pp
This manual includes modifications on shrimp hatchery operations done by SEAFDEC/AQD to provide high- quality postlarvae for shrimp farming.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 71 Culture of natural food for farmed freshwater fish and prawn larvae
RC Gutierrez et al (2023) 34 pp
This manual describes the various methods for culturing microalgae and other natural food organisms fed to freshwater fish/prawn larvae that are produced and reared in hatcheries.
Each print copy costs US$6.5
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AEM 70 Nursery and grow-out culture of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus in brackishwater ponds
Pedrita Caballero, Eliseo Coniza, Rheniel Dayrit (2022) 30 pp
This manual covers topics on the biology of rabbitfish and brackishwater pond culture techniques based on the research and verification studies conducted by AQD on this species.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 69 Hatchery production of sea cucumbers (sandfish Holothuria scabra)
Jon Altamirano, Jesus Rodriguez, Jr. (2022) 54 pp
The manual describes the various hatchery production methodologies that were specifically optimized for the sandfish H. scabra.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 67 Biology and hatchery rearing of the silver therapon Leiopotherapon plumbeus
Frolan Aya, Luis Maria Garcia (2020) 34 pp
This manual contains the patented technique which will provide current knowledge on the biology, breeding, and seed production of ayungin. It aims to serve as a useful reference for students, aquaculturists, researchers, government fishery agency personnel who are interested in the breeding and culture of the native fish species.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 66 Tilapia culture: The basics
Maria Rowena Romana-Eguia, Ruel Eguia, Rolando Pakingking Jr. (2020) 54 pp
An aquaculture extension manual that revisits the basics of tilapia culture with updated information on the grow-out technology in cages and ponds. Updated cost and returns analyses were also included to guide farmers.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 65 Nursery Culture of Tropical Anguillid Eels in the Philippines
Maria Lourdes Cuvin-Aralar, Frolan Aya, Maria Rowena Romana-Eguia, Dan Joseph Logronio (2019) 37 pp
A 37-page manual with topics on the biology, breeding, transport, site requirement, nutritional requirement, nursery rearing, and disease management of anguillid eels among others.
Each print copy costs US$6
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AEM 64 Diseases of juvenile and adult mud crab Scylla spp. in the Philippines
Eleonor A. Tendencia, Ma. Venuz C. Cabilitasan, Emilia Tobias-Quinitio (2017) 30 pp
A 30-page manual detailing the different diseases of mud crab and the corresponding prevention/control measures.
Each copy costs US$ 4
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aem63_seed production of milkfish thumbnail AEM 63 Seed Production of Milkfish Chanos chanos Forsskal
Ofelia Reyes, Bernardita Eullaran, Evelyn Grace Ayson (2016) 26 pp
A 26-page manual describing the site selection, hatchery design, spawning, larval rearing, natural food production, and economic analysis for milkfish.
Each copy costs US$4
AEM 62 milkfish broodstock thumbnail AEM 62 Development and Management of Milkfish Broodstock
Ofelia S. Reyes et al (2015) 33 pp
A 33-page manual detailing the methods/procedures in managing milkfish broodstock
Each copy costs US$8
AEM 61 thumbnailAEM 61 Soft-shell Crab Production using Hatchery-reared Mud crab Emilia Tobias-Quinitio et al (2015) 25 pp
A 25-page manual describing the set-up and procedure in producing soft-shell crabs and its economic viability
Each copy costs US$6
AEM 60 thumbnailAEM 60 Culture of Rotifer (Brachionus rotundiformis) and brackishwater Cladoceran (Diaphanosoma celebensis) for aquaculture seed production
Milagros de la Peña (2015) 32 pp
A 32-page manual with topics on the biology and cultivation techniques of zooplankton
Each copy costs US$7
AEM 59_thumbnailAEM 59 Seed production of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus
Felix Ayson, Ofelia Reyes, Evelyn Grace Ayson (2014) 19 pp
A 19-page extension manual describing the biology, site selection, broodstock management, larval rearing and larval food production for rabbitfish.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 58_thumbnailAEM 58 Milkfish Chanos chanos cage culture operations
Albert gaitan et al (2014) 39 pp
A 39-pages extension manual describing the biology,fingerling production, site selection, cage design and construction, measurement & analysis of water & sediment quality parameters and economic.
Each copy costs US$7
AEM 57_thumbnailAEM 57 Intensive culture of milkfish Chanos chanos in polyculture with white shrimp Penaeus indicus or mud crab Scylla serrata in brackishwater earthen ponds
Gerry Jamerlan, Relicardo Coloso, Nelson Golez (2014) 29 pp
A 29-page extension manual describing the biology, site selection, pond management and harvest & post-harvest ofmilkfish intensivepolyculture in earthen pond.

AEM 56_thumbnail AEM 56 hatchery production of snubnose pompano Trachinotus blochii lacepede
Ofelia Reyes et Al (2014) 26 pp
A 26-page extension manual describing the biology, broodstock acquisition & management, larval rearing, harvest & transport and prevention of diseases & parasites in hatchery production of pompano.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 55 Culture of marine phytoplankton for aquaculture seed production
Milagros de la Peña, Annie Franco (2013) 32 pp
The 32-page extension manual describes the biology, culture techniques and maintenance and mass propagation of 12 phytoplankton species used as live feed in marine hatcheries
Each copy costs US$7
AEM 54 Cage nursery of high-value fishes in brackishwater ponds ( sea bass, grouper, snapper, pompano)
Jocelyn Madrones-Ladja et al (2012) 24 pp
This extension manual describes nursery pond requirements, nursery rearing procedures, common diseases of young marine fish, and economic analysis of cage nursery as an enterprise separate from hatchery and grow-out culture.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 53 Grow-out culture of mangrove red snapper (Lutjanus argentimaculatus Forsskal, 1775) in ponds
Eliseo Coniza, Mae Catacutan, Pedrita Caballero (2012) 30 pp
This extension manual tells of the procedures in farming mangrove red snapper and its costs-and-returns.
Each copy costs US$6

AEM 52 Breeding and seed production of the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
Maria Lourdes Cuvin-Aralar, Manuel Laron, Emiliano Aralar, Ursan de la Paz (2011) 33 pp
An extension manual describing biology, broodstock management, hatchery & nursery operations, feeding management, packing & transport, and health management of the giant freshwater prawn.
Each copy costs US$6

AEM 51 Modyular na pag-aalaga ng tilapya sa mga kulungang lambat
Ruel Eguia, Maria Rowena Romana-Eguia, Nerissa Salayo (2011) 27 pp
An extension manual detailing traditional cage culture method, concept of modular cage culture, economic feasibility of modular cage culture, and post harvest processing.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 50 Cage culture of the giant freshwater prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii)
Maria Lourdes Cuvin-Aralar, Emiliano Aralar, Alma Lazartigue (2011) 30 pp
An extension manual describing biology, site requirement, grow-out operations, health management, harvest, post-harvest handling & processing, and economic analysis.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 49 Farming of the tropical abalone Haliotis asinina
VC Encena II, NC Bayona (2010) 30 pp
An extension manual detailing site selection, nursery and grow-out operations, harvest and live transport, and economic feasibility.
Each copy costs US$6
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AEM 48 Seed production of sandfish (Holothuria scabra) in Vietnam
Nguyen Dinh Quang Duy (2010) 12 pp
An extension manual describing broddstock management, larval rearing, and management of nursery systems.
Each copy costs US$4
AEM 47 Mud crab nursery in ponds
An extension manual that is highly illustrated, detailing the biology, nursery, harvest, marketing, costs-and-returns of mudcrab nursery in ponds.
Each copy costs US$5
AEM 46 Intensive culture of seabass, Lates calcarifer Bloch, in brackishwater earthen ponds
GS Jamerlan, RM Coloso (2010) 35 pp
An extension manual describing criteria for site selection, monoculture and polyculture operations including feeds and feeding, harvest, common diseases, economic analysis.
Each copy costs US$6
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AEM 45 Fingerlings production of hatchery-reared milkfish (Chanos chanos) in earthen nursery ponds
EB Coniza et al. (2010) 32 pp
An extension manual detailing the three types of nurseries, site selection, and pond preparation; fry selection, handling, transport, acclimation and stocking, fish monitoring, feeding, and harvest; and economics.
Each copy costs US$6
AEM 44 Prevention and control measures against viral nervous necrosis (VNN) in marine fish hatcheries
LD de la Peña (2010) 38 pp
An extension manual that describes the clinical signs, behavioral changes, and species affected by the virus; detection, prevention and control methods are also included.
Each copy costs US$6
AEM 43 Philippines freshwater prawns (Macrobrachium spp.)
MRR Eguia et al. (2009) 50 pp
This manual provides information on the biology, morphology, natural distribution, habitat, and economic importance of selected freshwater prawns found in the Philippines.
Each copy costs US$6
AEM 39 Abalone Hatchery
AC Fermin et al. (2008) 31 pp
This manual contains information on abalone hatchery operation, including site selection, design, culture of natural food, broodstock management, spawning, nursery, packing and transport, and profitability analyses.
Each copy costs US$6.50
AEM 35 Best Management Practices for Mangrove-Friendly Shrimp Farming
DD Baliao, S Tookwinas (2002) 50 pp (Filipino version also available)
This 50-page manual puts together the best practices that SEAFDEC/AQD has developed with the Department of Fisheries in Thailand. These practices include the use of biomanipulators and greenwater system, the use of settling ponds with baffles and biofilters, the use of sludge collectors among others. These practices have been field-tested in Thailand, the Philippines, Myanmar and Vietnam.
Each copy costs US$4
AEM 34 Biology and Hatchery of Mangrove Crabs Scylla spp.
ET Quinitio, FD Parado-Estepa, JJDC Huervana (2018, 3rd edition) 46 pp
A 46-page revised edition of the 2008 manual that describes the hatchery protocol that SEAFDEC/AQD developed for the mass production of mangrove crabs Scylla spp. Setting up of the hatchery is described, as are the steps in managing the breeders, larval rearing, and nursery rearing. Common problems and their solutions, and updated economic analyses are also discussed.
Each copy costs US$4
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AEM 33 Induced Breeding and Seed Production of Bighead Carp
AC Gonzal et al. (2001) 40 pp
A 40-page manual that details the advanced induced spawning technology for Bighead carp developed at SEAFDEC/AQD through the years. This handbook emphasizes the adoption of efficient carp hatchery techniques for optimal production of good quality eggs and juveniles.
Each copy costs US$3
AEM 32 The Farming of the Seaweed Kappaphycus
AQ Hurtado, RF Agbayani (2000) 26 pp
A 24-page manual that introduces the carrageenan-producing seaweed Kappaphycus whose culture has spread from Jolo in Mindanao to at least 14 sites in the Visayas and Luzon. Four culture methods are presented: fixed off-bottom, raft long-line (single or multiple), hanging long line, and polyculture of seaweeds with carnivorous fishes. The Filipino version, Pag-aalaga ng halamang-dagat na Kappaphycus (2007), is also available.
Each copy costs US$3
AEM 30 Net Cage Culture of Tilapia in Dams and Small Farm Reservoirs
DD Baliao et al. (2000) 14 pp
A 14-page manual that details net cage design and cage management after tilapia has been stocked. Some data on operating costs included.
Each copy costs US$2
AEM 23 Pagpapaanak ng Tilapya
RV Eguia, MRR Eguia (2007) 52 pp
This 52-page revised edition of the 1996 manual, discusses the spawning of tilapia in concrete tank hatcheries, hapa hatcheries in ponds and lakes and the hatchery operations of tilapia.
Each copy costs US$3.50*
*Special authors’ price
AEM 22 Pag-aalaga ng Tilapya
RV Eguia, MRR Eguia (2007) 55 pp
A 55-page manual details the culture and grow-out of tilapia until its harvest. This manual also includes a list of government agencies in the Philippines involved in tilapia research and development.
Each copy costs US$4*
*Special authors’ price
AEM16 Diseases of Penaeid Shrimps in the Philippines
CR Lavilla-Pitogo et al. (2000) 83 pp

An 83-page manual that provides information on the diseases that affect the 3 major species of shrimps cultured in the Philippines: Penaeus monodon, P. merguiensis and P. indicus. It includes the common name of the disease, causative agent, species affected, stages affected, gross signs, effects on the host and methods of prevention and treatment.
Each copy costs US$5

 Textbooks, monographs and other books

Health Management of Milkfish thumbnailHealth Management of Milkfish Chanos chanos
Erlinda R. Cruz-Lacierda et al (2015) 36 pp
A 36-page monograph on the occurrence, prevention and diagnosis of possible diseases in the culture of milkfish, from broodstock management to grow-out
Each copy costs US$

field guide_thumbnail-bookstoreField guide to mangrove identification and community structure analysis
Ma. Junemie Hazel Lebata-Ramos (2013)
The field guide provides a key and images of plants and plant parts for identifying Philippine mangrove species; instructions on how to lay out quadrats and solve equations needed for mangrove community analysis; and a glossary. The guide is intended for researchers, academicians, students and those in government and non-government organizations actively involved in mangrove research.
Each copy costs US$19

Health Management in Aquaculture
Gilda Lio-Po and Yasuo Inui eds. (2010) 316 pp
A textbook on the major diseases of cultured fish & crustaceans, as well as prevention & control methods and diagnostic techniques for these diseases. New chapters on histology, probiotics, and epidemiology were added in this edition.
Each copy costs US$43

Reforming Philippine Science
Suarez, Lacanilao (2010) 95 pp
This book discusses the importance of science as the foundation of technological development and economic progress. It also describes the past and current situation of scientific research in the Philippines. The book also illustrates the usefulness of a properly published scientific research to the entire country.
Each copy costs US$7.10
Seaweeds of Panay
AQ Hurtado et al. (2006) 50 pp
A 50-page book listing 112 species of seaweeds found in Panay island in west central Philippines, 27 of which are new records to the area. Each color photograph is accompanied by a physical description. Common names, seaweed habitat, economic importance, and collection site/s are also noted.
Each copy costs US$5
Nutrition in Tropical Aquaculture
OM Millamena et al., eds (2002) 221 pp
A 221-page book has eight chapters on aquaculture nutrition, feed formulation and feeding management. This book is the product of more than 25 years of research experience in fish nutrition and feed development at SEAFDEC/AQD.Include US$2 for mailing fee in the Philippines and US$5 for outside the Philippines.
Each copy costs US$25
An Assessment of the Coastal Resources of Ibajay and Tangalan, Aklan
LMB Garcia, ed (2001) 60 pp
This is a report describing the present state of marine resources in several coastal barangays in northern Panay island where AQD has collaborative projects. Recommendations from this report will guide Fisherfolks and other stakeholders, particularly the local government units in their development plans.
Each copy costs US$6
Ecology and Farming of Milkfish
TU Bagarinao (1999) 117 pp
This book is a 171-page, reader-friendly illustrated account of the life history of milkfish (Chanos chanos) in nature and in aquaculture. It describes the different farming systems and status of the milkfish industry, and recommends means to ensure sustainability.
Each copy costs US$13
Conference proceedings

Conference proceedings


Sustainable aquaculture development for food security in Southeast Asia towards 2020
Belen Acosta, Relicardo Coloso, Evelyn Grace de Jesus-Ayson, Joebert Toledo (2011) 169 pp
This documents the proceedings of the Regional Technical Consultation on Sustainable Aquaculture held 17-19 March 2011 in Bangkok, Thailand.
Each copy costs US$16

Proceedings of the Regional Technical Consultation on Stock Enhancement
JH Primavera et al., eds (2006) 150 pp
This 150-page book documents the proceedings of an experts’ consultation held at AQD in July 2005. It contains nine review papers and seven country papers.
Each copy costs US$6


 abalone life cycle poster thumbnail
Life Cycle of Donkey’s Ear Abalone (2016)
36 in x 24.5 in
Color poster conceptualized by
M de la Peña and MDG Arnaldo.
Each copy costs US$3
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