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Logo Design Contest: SEAFDEC/AQD’s 50th Anniversary

SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department is looking to create a special logo to commemorate its contribution to the aquaculture industry in the past five decades. The logo will also be used as part of the branding of the year-long golden anniversary activities. Hence, AQD officially opens the “logo design contest” open to all local and international participants.

Prize: The winning entry will receive USD 350 in cash and a certificate/plaque of recognition.


  • The contest is open to all. Participants must be able to provide their name, contact number, and email address along with a copy of valid identification (e.g., primary government-issued ID, school/university ID, or birth certificate).
  • Participants may submit one (1) entry only.
  • Entries should be submitted in either of the following vector formats:
    • Vectors (EPS, SVG) with editable layers
    • Raster images (PNG, GIF, JPEG) at least 2000 px width and height, preferably with a layered PSD file
  • All elements in the logo must be original and not include copyrighted materials, in whole or in part.
  • The logo should not carry the name of the artist.
  • The design should incorporate the official color of SEAFDEC/AQD (see below) and should be around the theme “Fifty years of championing science-based aquaculture technologies.
  • At least one of the following identifiers should be included:
    • “Southeast Asian Fisheries Development Center” and “Aquaculture Department”
    • “SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department”
    • SEAFDEC’s official logo and “Aquaculture Department”
  • If SEAFDEC’s logo is included, it should be in official colors only: SEAFDEC blue, black, and white. Manipulation, deconstruction, or any editing of the official logo is strictly not allowed; the design should work around the logo. Download the original logo here,

Hex code: #3c92b3
CMYK: 75, 30, 20, 0
RGB: 60, 146, 179



  • Artist must provide color variations of the logo design, including full-color, white, and black. Please see the sample below, using SEAFDEC/AQD’s official logo.

  • A brief description or rationale (not more than 100 words) explaining the elements and components of the logo should be included with the submission of the entry.
  • All entries must be sent with the subject title “AQD50_Logo Contest Entry_Name” to “” on or before 17 March 2023, 11:59 p.m. (Philippine Time) with the following attachments:
    • Logo design
    • All the required personal information mentioned above and a brief description and rationale of the design in a .doc, .pdf, or .txt file.
    • Scanned copy of identification document in a .pdf, .png, or .jpg file.

Rules and regulations

  • Only one (1) winner will be announced.
  • Upon submission of entries, the participants automatically declare the entry as their original work, have not been submitted to other contests, and do not infringe other existing artworks. SEAFDEC/AQD shall not be liable for any complaints or disputes regarding the originality of the submitted work. If these concerns arise on the winning entry, SEAFDEC/AQD has the right to disqualify the artist and revoke all prizes awarded to them.
  • A pre-selection process will be conducted, and SEAFDEC/AQD’s Anniversary Committee reserves the right to disqualify entries with incomplete requirements, non-conformity to the mechanics and format, or other reasons (e.g., use of disrespectful language, graphics, and/or images).
  • The artist of the winning design shall sign an intellectual property release document with the intent that SEAFDEC/AQD shall fully own all rights to the logo design. The Department will be granted exclusive rights to use, publish, and reproduce the design for all promotional and institutional materials and merchandise, including but not limited to letterheads, posters, trophies, shirts, and others. SEAFDEC/AQD reserves the right to revise or alter the final artwork of the winning artist according to its specific needs.
  • The winner will be notified via phone, text, or email. An official announcement of winners will then follow through the official Facebook page.
  • SEAFDEC/AQD reserves the right not to award the prizes if no suitable entries are received at its discretion.


The design will be judged according to the following criteria:

       Concept and relevance to the theme – 40%

        Uniqueness and originality of interpretation – 25%

        Creativity and impact – 25%

        Usability, flexibility, and manageability of design – 10%

        TOTAL – 100%


For more information and clarification, please send us a message on Facebook (

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