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2022 Releases

AEM 70 Nursery and grow-out culture of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus in brackishwater ponds
Caballero, P. A., Coniza, E. B., & Dayrit, R. (2022) 30 pp
This manual provides an update on the current techniques for nursery and grow-out culture operations of rabbitfish.
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September-October 2022
Download here — File Size: 16.09 MB
July-August 2022
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Hatchery Production of Sea Cucumbers (Sandfish Holothuria scabra)
Altamirano, J. P., & Rodriguez, J. C., Jr. (2022) 54 pp
The manual describes the various hatchery production methodologies that were specifically optimized for the sandfish H. scabra.
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Each print copy costs US$6
Understanding Current Challenges and Future Prospects in Integrated Multi-trophic Aquaculture (IMTA) Research
Altamirano, J. P., Nambu, R., Salayo, N. D., & Kodama, M. (Eds.) (2022) 74 pp
This proceeding is a compilation of the 10-year achievements in IMTA research conducted by JIRCAS and SEAFDEC/AQD researchers and their collaborators, covering topics such as ecological characterization of target species, evaluation of environmental impacts, and socio-economic analysis.
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May-June 2022
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March-April 2022
Download here — File Size: 12.93 MB
January-February 2022
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Highlights 2020
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November-December 2021
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