Wednesday , 28 September 2022

Guidelines on LFAAT Sample Acceptance and Releasing of Test Reports in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Laboratory Facilities for Advanced Aquaculture Technologies (LFAAT) of SEAFDEC/AQD requests external clients to observe the following supplemental guidelines on sample submission and releasing of test reports for laboratory testing/analytical services:

  1. Acceptance of samples will be at the main gate of the Tigbauan Main Station. The guard-on-duty will call the concerned laboratory staff for the client’s testing/analytical service needs.
    • Proximate analysis/freeze drying – (Loc 1112/1115)
    • Atomic Absorption Analysis/Rotavap – (Loc. 1112)
    • Soil and Water Analysis – (Loc 1112/1115)
    • Microbiological testing/electron microscopy – (Loc 1112)
    • Sample receiving/test report releasing) – (Loc. 1116)
    • General & other concerns – (Loc. 1111)
  1. Transactions with laboratory staff will be done through the phone to determine whether the sample may be accepted, the agreed due date, and the parameters to be tested. Upon verbal confirmation of acceptance by the chemist/analyst, clients should fill-out request reference form (RRN form) available at the main gate. A confirmed schedule of sample submission is needed for requests that require scheduling of submission, otherwise, acceptance will be subject to the queued volume of samples already accepted by the laboratory.
  2. Once the RRN form is filled out, the guard-on-duty will inform the chemist/analyst concerned and Sample Receiving Staff (SRS) will be dispatched to receive the sample at the main gate. Appropriate personnel protective equipment (PPE) for the SRS and physical distancing between parties should be strictly observed.
  3. The client will wait for the validation of the RRN form, checking of the sample, and costing by the chemist/analyst. During validation, a chemist/analyst may verify/clarify with the client through the phone if there are some concerns regarding the sample. RRN form duly signed by the client, SRS, chemist/analyst, and the laboratory manager indicates that it has already been validated.
  4. Payment will be made at the Cashiering Office by the SRS. Client will be given a copy of the RRN form (claim stub) and will present this copy in claiming the result.
  5. On the agreed due date, the client may claim the result at the main gate. The guard-on-duty will inform the laboratory, and the SRS brings the test report to the main gate, requests client to sign the RRN logbook, and releases the result to the client or his/her authorized representative upon presentation of the claim stub and ID.

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