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Five SEAFDEC/AQD staff pledge as professional Fisheries Technologists

By Development Communication Section

Forty-seven new Fisheries Technologists take their oaths in a ceremony in Iloilo City. Five of them are from SEAFDEC/AQD including [second from right, seated] Ms. CS Dionela, Mr. JI Aquino, Ms. JS Lames, [fourth from left, seated] Ms. JC Virgula and Ms. JJ Huervana
ILOILO City – For the very first time, the Fisheries Technologist Oath-taking Ceremony was held outside Metro Manila with 47 oath-takers last 20 February 2018 at Iloilo Grand Hotel.

Five out of 47 oath-takers were SEAFDEC/AQD staff: Associate Researchers Mr. Jon Irish Aquino and Ms. Joana Joy Huervana, Technical Assistant Ms. Cleresa Dionela, Research Assistant Ms. Juliette Virgula, and TVDD Administrative Assistant Ms. Jenalyn Lames. All are graduates of the University of the Philippines Visayas (UPV), the top performing school in the October 2017 Fisheries Technologist Board Examination.

“We see ourselves as catalysts for improvement in the field of fisheries,” said Mr. Aquino, one of SEAFDEC/AQD’s new Fisheries Technologists.

“As newly registered Fisheries Technologists, we intend to develop responsible and sustainable aquaculture technologies that could benefit both local and foreign farmers.  We will continue to explore aquaculture in its safest form and mitigate the problems of climate change and poverty,” he added.

National Inland Fisheries Technology Center Chief Dr. Westly Rosario, who led the oath-taking ceremony, graced the event together with UPV-College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences Dean Prof. Encarnacion Emilia Yap and Associate Professor Dr. Gerald Quinitio.

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