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Climate change initiatives shared in regional workshop

By Development Communication

BANGKOK – To address climate change implications on fisheries and aquaculture in Asia-Pacific Region, the Food and Agriculture Organization’s Asia-Pacific Fishery Commission (FAO/APFIC) gathered a wide-range of stakeholders including FAO member countries in the region, regional organizations, partners and experts in a Workshop on Building Climate Resilient Fisheries and Aquaculture last 14-18 November 2017.

Two presentations on the “Efforts of Addressing Climate Change in the Aquaculture Sector in the APFIC region” and “SEAFDEC/AQD Program on Climate Change” were given by SEAFDEC/AQD scientists, Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson and Dr. Maria Lourdes Aralar, respectively.

The meeting provided a platform for stakeholders to discuss the national plans of actions on climate change and their progress in the implementation. Through the meeting, effective strategies were shared towards addressing the gaps in building the climate resiliency of aquaculture practices. Technological advances and practices on the potential of fisheries and aquaculture to mitigate greenhouse gases were also presented.


Participants of FAO/APFIC Workshop on Building Climate Resilient Fisheries and Aquaculture

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