Monday , 17 June 2024

Out with the old and in with the new


By Development Communication Section

AQD can now be reached through telephone number (63-33) 330-7000 as the old numbers will be disconnected in May 2014. This is because AQD has put in place a Php 4 million digital phone system (PABx) that replaced the analog one installed in the ‘80s. An auto attendant or recording will welcome and guide callers to AQD’s offices within its research, technology verification & demonstration, training & information, and administration & finance divisions.

For AQD staff, the new features of their office phones (about 100 have been installed) include: (1) outside calls from key offices; (2) caller identification; (3) voicemail; and (4) call transfer and forwarding. With the phone system hooked up to AQD’s intranet, options for instant messaging, desktop sharing, and conferencing are possible.

The new phone system was installed by Trends and Technologies Inc, an integrator for information & communications technology. An orientation on the PABx system was done on 28 March.

Engr. Darryl Lipat orients AQD staff on the new telephone system

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