Thursday , 13 June 2024

Seven finish international marine fish hatchery course

By Development Communication Section

Seven trainees coming from Kenya (4), Myanmar (1) and Philippines (2) finished the international course on marine fish hatchery conducted from 25 June until 31 July at SEAFDEC/AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station, Iloilo.

The month-long course included lectures on biology of marine fishes, broodstock management, larval rearing and hatchery operations as well as in feed development, fish health management & marketing strategies. The participants also had hands-on experience on rearing marine commodities. They also paid a visit to private hatcheries and fish farms (such as Retcem milkfish hatchery in Dumangas and Aloha hatchery in San Joaquin) where they saw how an actual marine fish hatchery functions.

Trainee Mr. Anthony Mutua of Kenya Marine Fisheries Research Institute shared his thoughts during the closing program: “Kenya is strongly embarking in the promotion of aquaculture. We know that the current global production, in terms of capture fisheries, could not sustain the needs of the people anymore and we need to find alternatives. During these past few weeks of being a part of this training course, we were able to gather in-depth knowledge of aquaculture techniques to rear marine fish species — grouper, siganid, pompano and milkfish are also available in Kenya — which makes it very helpful. It has been a real challenge in Kenya to establish marine fish hatchery and I would like to thank SEAFDEC/AQD including the resource persons, course instructors and staff for having us. Salamat!”

Preparation of tanks for larval rearing at AQD’s marine fish hatchery


Trainees identifying and counting planktons at the laboratory


Trainee during the grouper broodstock sampling

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