Wednesday , 19 June 2024


Health-related activities for Ruby Jubilee

Blood letting
Out of 59 potential donors, 40 were bloodlet after the pre-screening made by PNRC (Philippine National Red Cross – Region 6). The number is the highest so far since AQD started the activity in 2010.

Medical mission
Free medical check-up was given to 182 residents of Brgy. Buyu-an (Tigbauan) and Nanga (Guimbal) with free medicines (eg. antibiotics), multivitamins, among others, distributed. Donating a generous amount of medicines were the (1) office of congressional representative Hon. Ferj Biron, (2) Caduceus Clinical & Laboratory Services headed by Dr. Sonia Gallon and (3) Department of Healthcare – Region 6. The four examining physicians were residents of Pedro Trono Memorial Hospital.

For the waiting kids, a storytelling session was arranged. It featured “The story of a boy named Por”, a storybook produced by SEAFDEC Training Department in Thailand (AQD’s sister department) that focuses on lessons about responsible fishing.

Eye exam
AQD accepted the offer of E. Pineda Optical Clinic (#11 San Jose St, Jaro, Iloilo City) to give free eye examination & refraction test and discounts on eyeglasses & contact lenses to AQD staff. A total of 28 employees were served on 12 April.

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