Thursday , 20 February 2020

Filming of AQD technologies

By Development Communication Section
Mag-Agri Tayo’s managing director Mr. Philip John Daffon Jr and crew were at SEAFDEC/AQD’s stations in Tigbauan & Dumangas, Iloilo and Igang, Guimaras to document aquaculture technologies developed by AQD for commodities like rabbitfish, pompano, milkfish and mud crab. The filming was done from 20 to 26 March as part of the existing agreement between AQD and Mag-Agri Tayo’s producer, Foundation for Agriculture-related Missions Inc.

Mag-Agri Tayo is a television program dedicated solely to promoting agriculture and fisheries. It is shown every Saturday on PTV-4.

The Mag-Agri Tayo team filming various activities at AQD: (1) counting of milkfish larvae, (2) stocking of milkfish larvae in larval rearing tanks, (3) transfer of berried mud crab from maturation tank to incubation tank, (4) packing of crablets for transport, (5) selection of pompano broodstock, (6) collection of pompano eggs, (7) induced spawning of rabbitfish, (8) liming of a pond, (9) packing of rabbitfish fry for transport, and (10) stocking of rabbitfish fry in a pond

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