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AQD takes part on review and planning in Thailand

By Development Communication Section
SEAFDEC/AQD Chief Dr. Felix Ayson, along with Deputy Chief Dr. Teruo Azuma, and Ms. Belen Acosta (special departmental coordinator) attended the 2013 program review / meeting on the SEAFDEC Japanese Trust Fund programs held on 1 March in Bangkok, Thailand.  During the meeting, Dr. Azuma presented AQD’s project proposals under GOJ-TF 5 (Government of Japan Trust Fund) that will be implemented from 2015 onwards.

The review was held back-to-back with the “SEAFDEC Inter-departmental meeting” (2 March) also in the same venue and attended by representatives of the SEAFDEC Secretariat and departments. There, Dr. Ayson gave a presentation on the progress and plans of AQD’s R&D thematic programs. The representatives also reviewed the proposed establishment of a new SEAFDEC department in Palembang, Indonesia, which will work on inland fishery resources development and management. They also noted possible revisions of the existing SEAFDEC plan of operation, program of work and organizational structure. These revisions will be submitted to the SEAFDEC Council for discussion and approval during its 45th meeting to be held 1-5 April in Cebu City, Philippines.

2013 SEAFDEC program review for Japanese Trust Fund (top). Representatives from the SEAFDEC Secretriat and the departments at the SEAFDEC inter-departmental meeting

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