Sunday , 15 December 2019

AQD runs training on grouper hatchery

(L-R) Mr. Edgar Deloso takes a sample of grouper eggs during his hatchery work. Ms. Grace Abdala during her practicals in natural food. Ms. Abdala (left) and Mr. Deloso at AQD’s Igang Marine Station

A hatchery manager and a seaman completed the two-week course on grouper hatchery which started on 14 January at SEAFDEC/AQD’s main station in Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines. The participants, Ms. Grace Abdala from Nueva Ecija and Mr. Edgar Deloso from Bohol attended lectures and practicals on biology of grouper, broodstock sampling and induced spawning, culture of live food organisms, egg sampling, larval counting & stocking, feed preparation and cage culture. They also went to AQD’s Igang Marine Station to observe mariculture practices.

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