Tuesday , 7 July 2020

AQD plans and budget reviewed by Philippine government

AQD Chief Dr. Felix Ayson (right) gives his presentation at the PTAC meeting; on his left is BFAR Director Atty. Asis Perez who acted as Chair of the meeting

By Development Communication Section

As the first step in getting its activities and budget approved by the Philippine government, AQD was called to the meeting of PTAC (or the Philippine Technical & Administrative Committee of SEAFDEC) on 29 October in Quezon City. This year’s PTAC meeting was chaired by SEAFDEC Council Director for the Philippines and BFAR National Director Atty. Asis Perez.

Overall, PTAC had a positive response and endorsed AQD’s proposed 2014-2015 activities. Noting AQD’s many on-going and planned activities but limited operational budget, PTAC advised AQD to (1) continue dialogue with BFAR on collaborative R&D on nationally-important commodities (eg. seaweed Caulerpa and mangrove clam Anodontia); and (2) review its staffing pattern based on the 2004 organizational structure so AQD can be “lean-and-mean”.

Immediately after the PTAC meeting, AQD Chief Dr. Felix Ayson called a general assembly of employees on 6 November.  After apprising the 150 employees in attendance, Dr. Ayson said that his management will try to do everything to make AQD run smoothly and for all (employees) to be happy.

(R-L) AQD Deputy Chief Dr. Teruo Azuma, research head Dr. Ma. Junemie Hazel Lebata-Ramos, administration & finance OIC Ms. Kaylin Corre, technology verification & demonstration head Dr. Emilia Quinitio and training & information head Dr. Evelyn Grace Ayson at the PTAC meeting
(Top, L-R) AQD management composed of Dr. MJHL Ramos, Dr. T Azuma, Dr. FG Ayson, Ms. KG Corre, and Dr. EGDJ Ayson

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