Thursday , 13 June 2024

Third sandfish training course completed

AQD associate scientist Dr. Jon Altamirano, Technology Verification & Demonstration Division Head Dr. Emilia Quinitio and Research Division Head Dr. Relicardo Coloso (in blue polo shirts) with trainees Project Manager of Global Services Mr. Markus Graf (Switzerland), VP for Operations of BlueBridge in Maldives Mr. Troy Hall (Italy), Senior Manager of Mariculture of BlueBridge in Maldives Mr. David Marrs (USA), and Project Development Director of Innovare Development and Consulting Mr. John McCurry (USA)


Five participants finish the course on sandfish seed production, nursery and management conducted from 15 to 29 October at SEAFDEC/AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station and Igang Marine Station.

The participants were from USA (2), Italy (1), Switzerland (1) and Philippines (1). The course included lectures on topics regarding sea cucumbers, in particular the sandfish Holothuria scabra. The trainees were also trainedon the practical activities in sandfish production including larval rearing, stock management and spawning & grow-out techniques.

AQD’s technical lead person for the sandfish course and associate scientist Dr. Jon Altamirano said during the closing ceremony that this training will be continuous because scientists and researchers of AQD are still pursuing many studies and experiments to make the production of sandfish more effective and cost-efficient. “AQD will be here for your questions and as we develop new technologies and discover new things we are very willing to share them with you,” he added.

In one of the responses, Project Development Director of Innovare Development and Consulting and trainee Mr. John McCurry’s impression on the course was very positive. “This [sandfish training course] was a very helpful trip. At first, when I look at the itinerary of the course I say it was very good but in the end it exceeded my expectations. The course is fantastic and you all had been so approachable when we have questions. I am very impressed with the work SEAFDEC is doing and excited to be a part of this,” he said.

Trainees during the settlement plates preparation at AQD’s sandfish hatchery in Tigbauan, Iloilo


At AQD’s Igang Marine Station, trainees check the sandfish broodstock they stocked in sea pens


A trainee takes measurements of sandfish from the floating nursery in AQD’s Igang Marine Station

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