Saturday , 29 February 2020

Mail from a Cambodian trainee

Addressed to scientist-trainors Dr. EG de Jesus-Ayson, Dr. RM Coloso and Dr. MR Catacutan on the AQD course conducted 3-7 December:

On behalf of the participants, I would like to express our thanks to all of you who helped us to have an excellent “On-site training on farm-based feed preparation and feeding management” in Phnom Penh, Cambodia organized by SEAFDEC/AQD in collaboration with the Fisheries Administration of Cambodia.
We have found the course to be a practical program. We have acquired all the knowledge with the excellent unique teaching and curriculum design. We have been impressed by the quality of teaching during the course.
We will try as much as we can to delivery all knowledge we have achieved to small-scale farmers in every commune around us to help them increase their income and reduce their poverty.
One more time, we are sincerely to thank you very much for what you all have done so far for all participants.

Warm regards, (Mr) Ros Kunthy
Deputy Freshwater Aquaculture Officer, Department of Aquaculture Development Fisheries Administration
Phnom Penh, Cambodia


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