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Monthly Archives: August 2012

International Training Course on Food Safety of Aquaculture Products

Food safety is one of the major issues that concern the aquaculture industry. When fish and other cultured organisms are raised in controlled conditions of containment, they are susceptible to risk of microbiological and chemical contamination. A wide range of chemicals and drugs have been used to control diseases, prevent and control parasites, enhance growth, and improve water and soil quality, among others. Aside from environmental issues arising from their use, the presence of chemical residues in the cultured organisms that may render products unsafe for human consumption is an important consideration. Because of better awareness of the importance of food safety in aquaculture products, consumers now demand that fish should be produced in accordance with responsible farming practices. The …

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Executive Information Support Group

2012 2011 2012 Date (2012) Activity 14 September Submission of Study / Project Reports to Program Leaders 24-26 September Strategic Planning Meeting on or before 5 October Submission of Program Reports Submission of Accomplishment Report on Training and Information Submission of Accomplishment Report on Administration and Finance 8-18 October Preparation of consolidated AQD Report for PTAC Meeting 19 October Submission of consolidated AQD Report and Plans to Philippine Government (PTAC Members) 25 October PTAC Meeting 30 October Submission of detailed Proposals for 2013 (new and continuing) Submission of consolidated AQD Program Documents to SEAFDEC Secretariat (Bangkok) for Program Committe Meeting and ASEAN/SEAFDEC FCG/ASSP Meeting 26-30 November 35th SEAFDEC Program Committee Meeting and 15th Meeting of Fisheries Consultative Group of the ASEAN-SEAFDEC 25 …

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