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Why catfish culture/hatchery?

  • Resistant to diseases
  • Can be stocked at high densities
  • Has low requirements for water quality
  • Requires less area required for culture


Technical Indicators

Catfish Seed Production

Breeders mature in 6-8 months, and can be obtained from lakes, rivers, tributaries and other freshwater bodies. Sexes can be distinguished externally by the presence of the urogenital papillae in males and a round opening in the females at the lower, ventral side of the body.

Catfish Grow-out

Stocking density ranges from 10-20 pcs/sq. m depending on water quality and supply. Staggered stocking of ponds is done every 15 – 30 days. Sample 30-50 pcs catfish monthly to monitor ABW and adjust daily feed ration.


Catfish Hatchery and Grow-out (2017)
The brochure contains information on the hatchery and grow-out culture of catfish.
 Download PDF Format — File Size: 1.85 MB

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