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Monthly Archives: September 2011

AQD welcomes learners from Kiribati

The latest to train at SEAFDEC/AQD are two government officers from Kiribati, an island-nation in the Pacific Ocean. They are at AQD’s Iloilo station for the course on milkfish farming, 26 Sept to 10 Oct 2011.

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Books & serials on display (19-30 September 2011)

Books: Book of abstracts: ACIAR-SPC Asia-Pacific Tropical Sea Cucumber Aquaculture Symposium, 15-17 February 2011, Noumea, New Caledonia. (2011). Francisco, J. P. S. (2011). Are Metro Manila households willing to pay for cleaner public transport? South Bridge Court, Singapore: Economy and Environment Program for Southeast Asia. Franckx, E. (2011). The relationship between CITES, FAO and related agreements: Legal issues. Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. Orr, J. W., Stevenson, D. E., Hoff, G. R., Spies, I. & McEachran, J. D. (2011). BATHYRAJA PANTHERA, a new species of skate (Rajidae: Arhynchobatinae) from the western Aleutian Islands, and resurrection of the subgenus ARCTORAJA Ishiyama. Seattle, WA: U. S. Department of Commerce. Brugere, C., Ridler, N., Haylor, G., Macfadyen, G. & Hishamunda, N. (2010). Aquaculture …

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Have a taste of fresh pompano

On September 29, about 150 kg of SEAFDEC/AQD-produced pompano will be harvested from its Dumangas Brackishwater Station in Iloilo. The 300 gram-sized pompano is priced at PhP 190 per kilogram. You may place your orders at AQD’s Materials Control Unit at (033) 511-8091 or (033) 511-9171 loc 320.

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Training course on milkfish farming

SEAFDEC/AQD invites participants to its Training course on milkfish farming from 26 September to 10 October at AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station in Iloilo, Philippines. The 15-day training covers topics such as larval rearing, natural food production, grow-out and cages, and feed formulation. The training fee is PhP 12,000 or USD 1,200 per person. For more information, please contact AQD’s Training and Information Division at: (6333) 511-9172; or fax (6333) 511-8709; or email

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AQD and Japan benefit from mutual learning experiences

SEAFDEC/AQD and Japanese universities work together in training young researchers on sustainable aquaculture. Recently, fifteen students from Tokai University and Hiroshima University in Japan visited AQD for study tour and internship while AQD researchers set out to Japan to participate in a training program on sustainable fisheries science.

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Buy AQD’s fresh harvest of milkfish

Come and savor Guimaras-grown milkfish which will be made available on 23 September. Harvested from SEAFDEC/AQD’s Igang Marine Station, its retail price ranges from Php 75-110 per kg for sizes 200 g and above. You may get in touch with AQD’s Materials Control Unit at (033) 511-8091 or (033) 511-9171 loc 320 for orders and further inquiries.

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International Training Course on Mudcrab Culture

SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, in cooperation with the Department of Fisheries (DOF) in Myanmar will offer the International training course on mudcrab culture from 26 September – 01 October 2011 at the DOF Crab Hatchery in Chaung Tha, Myanmar. The six-day course aims to provide participants with: (a) knowledge on the biology of mudcrabs; (b) basic principles and procedures for managing mature crabs, rearing of zoea to crab instar stage, nursery and grow-out culture of crabs (ponds and pens in mangroves), fattening and soft shell crab farming; (c) economic feasibility of the various culture systems; and (d) basic concepts of sustainable aquaculture. The course consists of lectures, practical sessions and field trip. The training fee is U$500.00 per person (Myanmar participant may avail of …

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Milkfish for sale

SEAFDEC/AQD is set to harvest milkfish from its Milkfish cage culture project with Petron in Guimaras on 9 September. It will be sold at Php 105-110 per kg for sizes 250 gm and above. For orders and inquiries, you may contact AQD’s Materials Control Unit at (033) 511-8091 or (033)511-9171 loc 320 not later than 7 September.

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What’s in, what’s out

SEAFDEC/AQD ironed out the list of studies, proponents and activities for 2012 and a broad plan for 2013-2016 that will address the goals of its five thematic R&D programs. This was done 15-26 August at AQD’s main station in Iloilo, Philippines.

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