Thursday , 25 February 2021

List of experts under AQD’s thematic programs


Meeting social and economic challenges in aquaculture
The program aims to enhance the role of aquaculture in improving livelihood and food security; support the sustainability of the environment and resources; and identify relevant policies, infrastructure and linkages
Salayo, Nerissa
PhD (Economics)
Castel, Raisa Joy M Management
Quality seed for sustainable aquaculture
The program covers studies and activities that will generate, verify and promote technologies to ensure the sustainable production of quality seedstock for aquaculture as well as for stock enhancement
Romana-Eguia, Ma. Rowena1
PhD Agricultural Science
(Fish Population Genetics)
Altamirano, Jon2
PhD Agriculture (Fisheries Science)
Aya, Frolan1
PhD Biosphere Science
Parado-Estepa, Fe Dolores4 PhD Fisheries Science
Buen-Ursua, Shelah Mae5 PhD Marine Life Science
de la Peña, Milagros5 MSc (Marine Biology)
Bayona, Nestor5 BSc Fisheries
Santander-Avanceña, Sheryll6 MSc Biology
Estante-Superio, Erish4 MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)
Franco, Annie7 MSc Biology
Huervana, Joana Joy4 MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)
Biñas, Joseph MSc Biology
Mandario, Mary Anne MSc Fisheries (Fisheries Biology)
Logronio, Dan Joseph MSc Genetics
Cabanilla-Legaspi, Ma. Irene3
MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)
Healthy and wholesome aquaculture
The strategies invoked in this program concentrate on nutrition to promote healthy farmed aquatic animals; disease diagnosis, control, monitoring and surveillance of aquatic animals; and environmental integrity, certification and food safety
Tendencia, Eleonor D.Sc. (Aquaculture & Fisheries)
Pakingking, Rolando Jr
PhD Applied Biological Science (Fish Pathobiology)
Amar, Edgar
PhD (Aquatic Sciences)
Catacutan, Mae
PhD. Fisheries Science
de la Peña, Leobert
PhD (Fish Pathology)
Mamauag, Roger Edward PhD Fisheries Science
Pagador, Gregoria MS Tropical Fish Health
Biñas, Joseph MSc Biology
Estante-Superio, Erish4 MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)
Maintaining environmental integrity through responsible aquaculture
The program focuses on the impacts of aquaculture on the environment and how to minimize them. It also aims to develop environment-based aquaculture technology by integrating environmental factors in SEAFDEC/AQD research activities
Altamirano, Jon2
PhD Agriculture (Fisheries Science)
Lebata-Ramos, Ma. Junemie Hazel5
PhD (Ocean Sciences)
Romana-Eguia, Ma. Rowena1
PhD Agricultural Science
(Fish Population Genetics)
Palma, Peter3 MSc (Aquaculture)
Climate Change
The program aims to identify the accompanying changes in the environment brought about by the changing climate that may affect the aquaculture sector, and prepare the sector for the possible effects that these changes may have on aquaculture operations
Training & information, extension
AQD packages and conducts training courses for all its stakeholders; publishes farmer-friendly manuals and a monthly newsletter; and operates an aquaculture library and an environment education center called FishWorld. 
Amar, Edgar
PhD (Aquatic Sciences)
Alayon, Stephen M Education (Mathematics)
Dianala, Rex Delsar MSc Fisheries (Aquaculture)


1Freshwater fishes
2Sandfish / sea cucumber
3Marine fishes
4Shrimp / mud crab
5Abalone / molluscs
7Natural Food

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