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SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department

Tigbauan 5021, Iloilo, Philippines
Trunkline connecting all offices:
(63-33) 5119170 to 71
Telefax: (63-33) 5119174

 Dr. Felix G. Ayson

Telefax: (63-33) 511 – 9174




Dr Shibuno

Dr. Takuro Shibuno

Deputy Chief
Telefax: (63-33) 511 – 8878





Dr. Ma. Junemie Hazel L. Ramos

Head, Research Division
Telefax: (63-33) 511 – 9070


mae catacutan_forweb

Dr. Mae Catacutan

Head, Technology Verification and Demonstration Division
Telefax: (63-33) 511 – 9029



Dr. Evelyn Grace de Jesus – Ayson

Head, Training and Information Division
Tel: (63-33) 511 – 9172
Fax:(63-33) 511 – 8709




Ms. Kaylin G. Corre

Office-in-charge, Administrative and Finance Division
Telefax: (63-33) 511 – 9175




Dr. Frolan A. Aya

Officer-in-charge, Binangonan Freshwater Station
SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Binangonan, 1903 Rizal, Philippines
Fax: (63-2) 502 – 6716
Cell No: (63) 917 – 580 – 7082


Dr. Emilia T. Quinitio

Head, Dumangas Brackishwater Station
SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Dumangas, Iloilo, Philippines
Telefax: (63-33) 527 – 3016



Mr. Mateo Paquito R. Yap

Officer-in-charge, Igang Marine Station
SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Nueva Valencia, Guimaras, Philippines
Cell No: (63) 918 – 918 – 7761



Dr. Ma. Rowena R. Eguia

Head, Manila Office
SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department
Room 102, Ground Floor
Philippine Social Science Center
Commonwealth Ave. corner Central Ave.
1101 Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: (63-2) 455 – 0981, 927 – 5542
Telefax: (63-2) 927 – 7825


  1. therese de los reyes

    I am a graduate of BS Biology from ust, and currently looking for a job with weekends off so i can pursue my master’s studies. I was wondering if you have any vacant positions in which i can apply for.

    • Hello Therese! Well, as of the moment, we don’t have any vacant positions in our office. If you like, you can send your resume to our Human Resource Management Section, just email them at this address []. You can check our website once in awhile because we will announce job vacancy at this link. Thank you for your interest!

  2. Good day. I m interested in the crab hatchery course . I’m from Malaysia. Can I know any schedule for the crab hatchery course in future, year 2012 or year 2013. Thank you

    • Hi Wooi! Our 2012 mud crab course has already concluded in June; for next year, this might be scheduled in the same month, please check our website in January for the 2013 schedule. You may also email for training updates.

  3. Hello I’m a 3rd year student from Iloilo National High School Special Science class. In relation to my research problem on Shrimp Exoskeleton Flakes as a Potential Binder for Vitamin A from Vegetables. I would like to ask if you have a spectrophotometer in your laboratory that can examine the presence of Vit. A in the exoskeleton of the shrimp. If you have this instrument how can you help me do my observation? Thank you.

    • Hi Lincy! We’re sorry but we don’t conduct vitamin A analysis. We have a spectrophotometer but we use it for chlorophyll analysis.

  4. thanks for the info… how can i buy small mud crabs

  5. Do you have seminars regarding bangus raising? Tnx if you have can you contact me in my email ad? Im very interested.

  6. Good day! I am currently working on a project for our company regarding sea bass breeding and culture. I would just like to know if your office in Dumangas can assist me on this so I can learn more about this industry. Also, i need to conduct a research and i would like to know who can assist me on this just in case I will also come and visit AQD one of these days. Thanks

  7. Informative article, exactly what I wanted to find.

  8. Jessica Luz Brigola

    Do you have isolates of fungus in your laboratory that cause disease to fishes like Saprolegnia?

  9. i am a biology student who is currently working on my thesis. i have difficulty on identifying shrimps. i need some experts who can help me in identifying my shrimp samples.

  10. Good afternoon,kapatid po ako ni Aldrin Bina ‘yung nag inquire po sa inyo regarding po sa king crablets..gusto po sana naming magpa-reserve ng 3,000 pcs. ng 1.0-2.0cm king crablets. kailan po kayo magkaroon ng ganung size ng crablets? Thank you po!

  11. I just built a 2.5 X 5.5 MTR concrete pond with a height of 1.25 mtrs .How many tilapia can grow with this size of tank. can i buy a minimum of 50 pcs. only which i suppose is enough for this size. please give me some advice and your location At Binangonan. I’m from Taytay


    bowie perfecto

    • Hi Mr. Perfecto! You might like to read first our manuals or farmer guides to tilapia farming (available from the The details you requested will be found there… Our Binangonan Freshwater Station is located at Tapao Point, Binangonan, Rizal; they also sell tilapia fry/fingerlings (email

  12. Good day! I have friends who are interested to work in your company as helpers in your plant. Do you have any available?

  13. shiela mae reyes

    hello.,we,from Layog National high school of Maasin are planning to have a of our choice is to visit your place,we would like to know regarding the entrance fee,and the available time you could accommodate
    us,we plan to have a tour on October 19,.thank you.

  14. hi. I would like to know if your selling fish food for tilapia. My friend from Malaysia is in need for a supplier of Fish Food to be exported their in their country since he has this business for quite long time already. They are looking for the supplier who could provide them a large amount of volume they would be needing. If ever you have these supplies how much is the direct amount you will give us? thanks alot for the time.

  15. I live in Palau and have learned of your orginazation and its work on mud crab culture and also sea cucumbers. I am interested in visiting a hatchery facility for one or both of these animals to learn more and determine if it has a business potential in Palau. I will be in the Philippines Nov 3-7 and wondering if there is a facility I could visit in the Manila area or if not then where. The ideal dates are Nov 5 or 6.
    Although presently in retailing, my Masters was in Marine Biology so I have some familiarity with what is involved but no expertise. Thank you and Regards

  16. Edrienne Myenna Magat

    Hi! I just want to inquire if you accept Internship/Training applications as of today for the internship of 160 hours during the summer? I’m A BS Biology student from PLM. i want to apply on you company. I also have proposed thesis if you request to :) Thanks! God bless

  17. Hi. I’m interested on aquaculuture of holothurian do you have an advance study and facilities about the said organisms?

  18. Hi, we’re a prawn hatchery in Zambales and we are looking for sources for artemia/Brine Shrimp. Do you have a directory for suppliers? Thank you.

  19. rose antoneth loquere

    hello poh.. gusto ko lang po mag inquire if may bacterial isolates poh kayung binebenta? need ko lang poh for my thesis.. hoping for your response asap..thank you.

  20. Good day! I’m a 4th year student from UST, and I’m currently working on my thesis. One of the authors that we used as our reference said that we can buy isolated cultures of Chlorella vulgaris here. I would just like to inquire on the price and how we can buy the microalga. Thank you and God bless!

  21. I am a Fisheries Student and working up a thesis about Natural foods. I want to purchase some species of natural foods such as tetraselmis, nannochloropsis and isochrhysis. i want to know if where and who are the person to negotiate. i really need your reply.

  22. Hi Im Ronie, a student from Aklan State University, we ate planing to have a tour at SEDEC this January and I just want to ask if what are the requirements needed and fees. thank you.

  23. Hello sir/maam! I’m doing a business plan study and i’m interested in aquaculture business. May i ask whom to contact for further questions regarding this?

    Thank you.

  24. Dear Sir/Madam,

    A warm and sunny day to you all!
    We have just purchased a 50 hectare fishpond where about half is developed and the other half partly developed and we are not really sure which area is more conducive for milkfish, tilapia, mudcrab or lapu-lapu/sea bass farming. Due to this is it possible for us get pamphlets for each of them? And if there is where can we get them. We are from Jaro, Iloilo. Thank you.

    Sincerely yours,


  25. Dear Sir/Madam,

    A warm and sincere greetings to you!
    The fishpond that we have purchased is infested with snails, (bagungon and suso) and even if put enough fertilizer and chicken droppings for an ideal number of bangus fry, it seems that it takes only half of the normal days for the lab-lab to be consumed by the fish as the snail almost consume the other half. If we will use mudcrabs temporarily for a season, do you think that the crabs could eradicate this snails (we will of course provide fish or products for the crabs at the same time) and after that we could again farm for milkfish?



  26. Good day! We are students from UPV and we’re interested for an internship in your Human Resource department. We would like to ask whether to whom we should address our application letter. Thank you! :)

  27. Charlette Magtrayo

    Good afternoon sir/maam, I am a student from UST and also currently working on our thesis. Our thesis requires us to culture Schizochytrium sp and I would like to inquire if you have isolated microalgae of this kind and if it is available for purchase. Thank you and good day!.

  28. Greetings, are you selling a cultured “Auxis rochei rochei” commonly known here in Iloilo
    as “Aloy”? I need it for my thesis. Thank You.

  29. i am interested in aqua culture business specially tilapia in tank, please let me know kung sino ang pwede ko kausapin tungkol dito particularly sa ABOT- AquaNegosyo program ng Seafdec, thanks…

  30. Greetings! Can I buy some cultured milkfish?
    How much?
    Do you also have a cultured bullet tuna?
    Thank You.

  31. Good Day! I’m Sheena Tinasas from Iloilo National High Shool-Special Science Class. I would like to ask if who is your available expert in Biodiversity for my research entitled Comparative Study of Biodiversity of Mollusk in Tigbauan,Iloilo and Ajuy,Iloilo.

    Thank you :)

  32. I would also like to ask if what is the schedule of training and seminars during weekends because I’m planning to have a training regarding my research.

  33. Hello I’m a 3rd year student from Iloilo National High School Special Science class. In relation to my research problem on Lethal Dose of Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate on Brine Shrimp (Artemia salina). I would like to ask if you have a scientist that specializes or knows about bioassays and toxicity test in your laboratory that can help me in my research. Thank you. :)

  34. Good morning. May I ask if you can provide me the current price list of mud crab including all sellable stages (crablets, juveniles etc.), I’m planning to buy same age crabs that I will use for my thesis. Thank you very much.

  35. Greetings! Do you have algae species, Schizochytrium sp. SB11 in particular?

  36. John Kevin San Jose

    Good day sir! I’m currently working on my thesis and one of the references we usedmsaid that we can purchase isolated cultures of Thraustochytrium sp. and Schizochytrium sp. here. I would just like to inquire the price and how long will it take to be delivered. Thank you and God bless!

  37. Samuel M. Alipoyo

    saan po tayo maka bili ng abalone juveniel

    den mag kaano po yong isa

    this is my cellphone number


  38. Good afternoon. Im a Med.Lab.Sci 3rd year student of the university of san agustin and me and my groupmates are planning to do a study on the antidiabetic activity of some extracts from cyanobacteria. Can you suggest some likely species of cyanobacteria that we can study? I hope you can help us. We plan to visit your good office next saturday. Thank you very much. God bless!

  39. hi i want to attend tilapia hatchery and grow out training, pls send me invitation to attend this training. perfecto evidor, lgu-jose panaganiban, camarines norte. tnks.

  40. I am interested in aqua culture production in my 2 acres land in baras rizal. I would like to inquire information on how to start this venture. thank you.

  41. hello sir, i am from cagayan state university appari, I would like to have my OJT at seafdec ilo-ilo may i request an application form for your OJT applicants.thanks

  42. Good evening! Is there a possible way to contact Dr. Emilia Quinitio online? I would like to ask her some questions about Scylla crabs for my undergraduate thesis. I am currently taking up BS Biology and now second year in De La Salle University. Thank you.

  43. Carmela Villanueva

    hello po.. i am a researcher from NOHS here in Bacolod City. I just wanna inquire if my groupmates and I can perform there a test for evaluation of EPA and DHA content of oil from sardines, catfish and anchovies (through gas chromatography). Do you have enough laboratory tools and equipment there that can also help us extract oil from the fishes i mentioned? thanks so much and hoping for your quick reply :)

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