2018 Releases

  ​ ​ ​ Mangrove Red Snapper Nursery and Grow-out (2018)  Contains information on the nursery, and grow-out culture of mangrove red snapper.  Download PDF Format — File Size: 2.32 MB Tigbauan Main Station (revised 2018) A brochure on AQD’s main station.  Download PDF Format  — File Size: 4.09 MB May-June 2018  Download PDF Format — File Size: 11.7 MB AEM 34 Biology and Hatchery of Mangrove Crabs Scylla spp. ET Quinitio, FD Parado-Estepa, JJDC Huervana  (2018, 3rd edition) 46 pp A 46-page revised edition of the 2008 manual that describes the hatchery protocol that SEAFDEC/AQD developed for the mass production of mangrove crabs Scylla spp. Setting up of the hatchery is described, as are the steps in managing the breeders, larval …

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2017 Releases

​ September-October 2017  Download PDF Format  — File Size: 3.18 MB Sea bass Culture (2017) Contains information on the hatchery, nursery, and grow-out culture of sea bass.  Download PDF Format — File Size: 2.03 MB July-August 2017  Download PDF Format — File Size: 10.1 MB AEM 64 Diseases of juvenile and adult mud crab Scylla spp. in the Philippines Eleonor A. Tendencia, Ma. Venuz C. Cabilitasan, Emilia Tobias-Quinitio (2017) 30 pp A 30-page manual detailing the different diseases of mud crab and the corresponding prevention/control measures. Each copy costs US$ 4 Browse through the contents May-June 2017  Download PDF Format — File Size: 13.6 MB March-April 2017  Download PDF Format — File Size:  3.67 MB Seaweed Kappaphycus Farming (2017) Contains information on Kappaphycus grow-out culture.  Download PDF Format — File …

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2014 Releases

AQD Matters July-August 2014  Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format — File Size: 5.00 MB AQD Matters May-June 2014  Flip through the pages  Download PDF format– File Size: 8.62 MB    AQD matters March-April 2014    Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format– File Size: 9.14 MB   Highlights 2013  Flip through the pages  Download PDF Format– File Size: 9.6 MB   AEM 59 Seed production of rabbitfish Siganus guttatus Felix Ayson, Ofelia Reyes, Evelyn Grace Ayson A 19-page extension manual describing the biology, site selection, broodstock management, larval rearing and larval food production for rabbitfish. Each copy costs US$5  Flip through the table of contents   AEM 58 Milkfish Chanos chanos cage culture operations Albert gaitan et al A …

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