Internship & OJTs


Upon request, internship training may be arranged for individuals and small groups in subject matter areas in nutrition and feed development, chemical/proximate analyses, plankton culture, fish health management, instrumentation and other laboratory work.

Other AQD offices also accept interns, for example Library, Data Bank, Development Communication, Engineering, Accounting, Personnel.

Interns pay a fee. Please email for more details.

On-the-job Training (OJT)

SEAFDEC/AQD also provides opportunities for graduating students of fisheries and related fields for on-the-job training. The training aims to provide students with practical knowledge and skills in aquaculture to supplement their theoretical orientation in school. The training lasts for 400 hours where students assist in ongoing research and verification studies. Other AQD offices also accept interns.
Program activities include various aspects of fishery technology as they relate to the students’ major field of interest. Prospective trainees are required to submit, together with their application form for admission, a photocopy of their grades in the undergraduate course, an endorsement by the head of their school, a certificate of waiver from their guardian, and a medical certificate of soundness of health.

Please email for more details.

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