Fry & fingerlings

The following are available from the AQD hatcheries based on breeding season. Please order and inquire in advance.

For marine fishes, email: . For freshwater fishes, email Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

Download the order form (PDF format)

Products Size / Age Price (Phil Peso)
Fish (newly hatched larvae)
Milkfish P 6,000.00 / million
Rabbitfish 6,000.00 / million
Pompano 10,000.00 / million
Grouper 10,000.00 / million
Red snapper 10,000.00 / million
Sea bass 10,000.00 / million
Fish (fry)
Milkfish 25 days P 0.20-0.30 / pc
Rabbitfish 1.0 cm 0.50 / pc
2.0 cm 1.00 / pc
3.0-5.0 inch 3.00 / inch
Pompano 1.0 inch 5.00 / inch
Grouper 0.5 inch 4.00 / pc
1.0 inch 8.00 / pc
Red snapper 0.5 inch 4.00 / pc
1.0 inch 8.00 / pc
Sea bass 12-15 days (rotifer-fed) 0.10 / pc
16-25 days (rotifer-fed) 0.20 cm / pc
1.0 cm (Artemia-fed) 0.20 / pc
1.0 inch 3.00 / pc
Bighead carp 3-5 day old 0.05 / pc
size 24/22 0.35 / pc
size 22/17 0.60 / pc
size 17/14 1.25 / pc
Tilapia 3-5 day old fry 0.05 / pc
size 24/22 0.20 / pc
size 22/17 0.30 / pc
size 17/14 0.50 / pc
Hybrid catfish 0.5 inch 1.00 / pc
1.0 inch 2.00 / pc
Native catfish 1.00 / cm
Crustacean (fry)
Crablets 0.5 – 1.0 cm (carapace width) P 2.00 / pc
1.0 – 2.0 cm 5.00 / pc
2.0 – 3.0 cm 8.00 / pc
3.0 – 5.0 cm 12.00 / pc
Freshwater prawn PL10 and below P 0.50 / pc
PL11-20 1.00 / pc
PL21-30 1.50 / pc
PL31-40 2.00 / pc
Juvenile 2.50 / pc
Abalone normal tagged
– juveniles 1.0 – 1.5 cm 4.00 / pc 7.00 / pc
1.6 – 2.0 cm 5.00 / pc 8.00 / pc
2.1 – 2.5 cm 6.00 / pc 9.00 / pc
2.6 – 3.0 cm 7.00 / pc 10.00 / pc
3.1 – 3.5 cm 8.00 / pc 13.00 / pc
3.6 – 4.0 cm 9.00 / pc 15.00 / pc
– marketable size / broodstock 5.7 cm shell length 350-400 / kg


  1. i would like to culture gourami in ponds. how could i get the fingelings and the cost for exporting it

    • Hello AQID, as per our expert, he is not aware of any existing hatcheries in the Philippines producing gourami (Trichogaster pectoralis, T. thrichopterus), nor of any attempt in our country to breed these species in captivity. For reference, you may wish to get a copy of “A Manual for commercial production of gourami, Trichogaster trichopterus, a temporary paired spawner” through this site: Accordingly, this manual was authored by Hawaii-based scientists at the Center for Tropical and Subtropical Aquaculture for gourami as an ornamental fish commodity. Cheers!

  2. how much is the cost of tilapia breeders?

    • Hello Analyn, thanks for your inquiry. Tilapia breeders cost about 15 pesos each. Pick-up is at SEAFDEC/AQD Binangonan Freshwater Station in Binangonan, Rizal. For orders, kindly coordinate with Mr. Emil Aralar through telefax: (63-2) 289-3687 or email: Cheers!

      • do you also sell red tilapia as fingerlings or breeder ?

        • Hello Mr. Tan, thank you for your inquiry which we will forward to our staff in SEAFDEC/AQD Binangonan Freshwater Station (BFS). Meanwhile, Tilapia breeders cost about 15 pesos each and pick-up is at BFS in Binangonan, Rizal. Cheers!

      • do you have red tilapia breeders? florida strain and taiwan strain? and is the red snapper a freshwater fish and is it the tilapia?

  3. Mr. Almario Pastoriza

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I would like to know whether you are also selling the fingerlings of sea cucumber. If you are selling how much is your selling price.

    Thank you and regards,

    Mr.Almario Pastoriza

    • Hello Mr. Pastoriza, thank you for your inquiry. We wish to inform you, however, that SEAFDEC/AQD is not selling sea cucumber juveniles; production is mainly focused on research work. We will likewise forward your inquiry to one of SEAFDEC/AQD’s technology adoptors who may have juvenile stocks. Meanwhile, you may also consider collaboration with SEAFDEC/AQD for its culture, through our Agree-Build-Operate-Transfer (ABOT) AquaNegosyo or through our Institutional Capacity Development for Sustainable Aquaculture (ICDSA) programs. FOr more information on these, you may email ABOT-in-charge Ms. Jocelyn Ladja at or ICDSA-in-charge Mr. Renato Agbayani at Cheers!

  4. capiz aquaculture

    thanks for the info maam-sir

  5. Webmaster, could you send me studies, info or links about Lates calcalifer (Seabass)just like the one you send to AQID regarding gourami.

  6. Hi there,

    I would like to know how much minimum purchase we can make? I also would like to know transportation cost if you will provide delivery to Surigao del Sur?

    Also i’m interest to know the prices for breeders? like grouper, seabass, red snapper and pomfret.


    • Hello Mr. Sulit, thank you for your inquiries. We shall forward these to those in-charge. Kindly await our response through email. Cheers!

  7. Hi. Please send the minimum orders of fingerlings and transport to Ormoc City. Please include applicable species (Milkfish, Pompano, Grouper, etc.) as I plan to rotate stock culture.

  8. Hi,

    What time of the year are crablets most available to buy from your hatchery? Do you have it this time?


  9. Hello Webmaster,

    Just like to inquire where can buy food pellets for Mud Crab.


    • Hello Macao, thank you for your query. For advice, we will forward this to our experts. Cheers!

    • Hello again Macao, as per our expert, “Formulated feed for mud crab is still being verified at SEAFDEC. This is not commercially available yet, but we had good results with this.” Cheers!

  10. May I visit your main office or nearest branch office? I live in Las Pinas City, Metro Manila. I don’t mind flying /traveling to your location. I am interested in lapu lapu/grouper aquaculture, and would like to be trained. Please email me at, and/or text me at 09165187176. My landline is (632) 7997334. Thank you.

    • Hello Mr. Paul! Thank you for your interest in our training programs. AQD holds courses on marine fish culture at its Tigbauan Main Station here in Tigbauan, Iloilo. The schedule for 2012 will be posted soon, for the meantime, we shall forward this to our Training-in-charge so you may be informed of upcoming courses. For your info also, AQD’s Binangonan Freshwater Station is in Binangonan, Rizal. Cheers!

  11. sir/mam please give contact no of person concern i would like to order fry bangus,crablets and juvinile tiger shrimp.

    • Hello Mr. Roque, please contact us through our trunkline: (033) 5119170 to 71 and specify fry & fingerling orders so you can be connected to the commodity programs-in-charge. Thank you, sir, for your inquiry. Cheers!

  12. Hi.. how many ponds do i need to culture milkfish? it is base on my topic in my subject RESEARCH METHOD. hope you can help me… THANK YOU.

  13. may available ba na Bighead carp size 24/22?
    ilan ang minimum order ?
    kailan puede kumuha ?
    magkano? tnx.

    • Magandang araw po, Norman. We will forward your inquiry to our staff from Binangonan Freshwater Station so you can be informed of its availability. You may also contact Mr. Emil Aralar through telefax: (63-2) 289-3687 or email: Maraming salamat po!

  14. Paano po kaya ang mabuting sistema kung manggagaling kami ng Manila at gusto naming bumili ng similya sa inyo?

    • Hello Ms. Belle! You may contact us through our trunkline: (033) 5119170 to 71 and specify the fry & fingerling orders so you can be connected to the commodity programs-in-charge. You may further inquire re: cost and transport arrangement. Thank you for your inquiry. Cheers!

  15. Good day sir/mam,i’d like to know if you sell crablets in your hatchery? I’d like to try crab farming. Thanks!

    • Hello Yssa! Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, crablets are available at the hatcheries of SEAFDEC/AQD’s Tigbauan Main Station in Tigbauan, Iloilo. You may coordinate your reservations/orders with Dr. Emilia Quinitio at You may also avail of our publications (click here) and training programs (kindly await 2012 training schedule).training programs (kindly await 2012 training schedule). Cheers!

      • Good day sir/mam I am from tagkawayan, quezon province and would like to know how much is your milkfish fry size 2,3,4,&5?If pickup and deliver?Do you also have vannamei fry?how much?thanks

  16. are you offering a zero day old larvae of rabbitfish,pompano,grouper, snapper, mullet and seabass?

  17. We are planning to start a black tiger prawn farm this march. We need help with the following so it can be successful this time:
    1. pond preparation
    2. fry supplier near or in Catanduanes
    3. feeds
    4. maintenance
    5. harvest and sale

    I am on the feasibility study phase of the project but my husband is pushing through with it regardless of the result of the study. Thanks so much for any help.

  18. Good Day! Please provide us info on the following for the black tiger prawn farming in Catanduanes:
    1. pond preparation
    2. fry supplier in Catanduanes
    3. feeds (we prefer low cost)
    4. maintenance
    5. harvest and sale

    We will start the farm this March. The farm is already developed and we will start draining it by Feb.
    Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  19. Hi Webmaster;
    I would like to inquire what are the available fingerlings for sale as of the moment. thanks

    • Hello Annie! You may contact us through our trunkline: (033) 5119170 to 71 and specify the fry & fingerling orders so you can be connected to the commodity programs-in-charge. You may further inquire regarding cost and transport arrangement. Thank you for your inquiry. Cheers!

  20. farm is in brackish water located in Panganiban, Catanduanes. For a start, a two 1.5ha ponds are dedicated as grow-out ponds and, another, 1ha as a reservoir. Most part of this 4ha farm is already developed. All necessary dikes and gates have been constructed. The dikes have a 3m base by 1.5m crown & height of 2m. We are planning to put 50K fry this March. water flow is controlled by the main gate (high/low tide). Prior to buying the tiger prawn fry, we need to know the best way to fertilized the ponds. currently there are milkfish, sapsap, talakitok, tilapia etc in it. we will drain the water then poison all the scavengers. We need technical help and the nearest place to buy the frys. thanks

    • Hello again Rossen, please refer to our previous reply . We will likewise forward your concern to our experts. Kindly refer to your email for our response. Thank you very much!

  21. Dear Sir:
    We wish to buy freshwater shrimp frys, mudcrablets and hybrid catfish. May we know when they will be available and where to get them as well as the cost.

    Thank you and regards


    • Hi Alfred, the crablets are available all year round from AQD’s hatchery. Kindly coordinate your reservation/orders with Dr. Emilia Quinitio at For freshwater shrimp fry and hybrid catfish we will forward your request to our staff at Binangonan Freshwater Station so you can be informed of its availability. You may also contact Engr. Emil Aralar through telefax: (63-2) 289-3687 or email: Thank you very much!

  22. I would like to order Milkfish fry, may I know your contact person and contact number?

    • Hello Titsky! Thank you for your query. You can directly order from our website, just click this link to download the order form. Kindly fill up all the details then, email it back to us thru Ms. Ofelia Reyes [] and they will process your order. Thanks!

  23. Tito V. Inguillo

    I would like to order Milkfish Fry, please let me know who is your contact person and contact number.

    • Hello Tito! Thank you for your query. You can directly order milkfish fry from our website, just click this link to download the order form. Kindly fill up all the details then email it back to us thru Ms. Ofelia Reyes [] and they will process your order. Thanks!

  24. hi sir/madam
    meron din po ba kayo fingerlings ng lobster? kong meron po magkano? at kong wala po, san po ba ako pweding maka bili? pwede nyo po ba akong mabigyan ng contact person?

    • Hello Pactor! I am sorry to say that we don’t culture lobster fingerlings here at SEAFDEC/AQD. But thanks for your query.

  25. I would like to know how much is minimum purchase we can make for crablets? and also, would like to know if there’s an option to deliver it to Dumaguete and how much is the charge.

  26. love it,lot of valuable information

  27. Pablo G. Coronel,Jr.

    Tanong ko lang po kung anong variety ang crablets n’yo? Preferred po sana namin kung bulik, at paano po makakarating dito sa Pampanga? Magkano po ang estimated additional cost due to shipping?

    • Hi Mr. Coronel! Ang crablets po namin ay bulik. We only ship up to the Manila airport; you have to arrange transport from the airport to Pampanga. Estimated freight cost for 2,000 pieces of crablets is Php 1,800.

  28. Good day! I would like to ask if grass carps are available. Someone told me that there’s this place in Rizal where carps are being bred. We need this for our research. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you!

  29. I have emailed you sir related to grouper fingerlings. Also, do you have related trainings on grouper culture in fish cages? I hope you could help.

  30. Gooday sir/ma’am I would like to bu a fingerlings but I don’t know much on how to breed them. may you give me some manual thanks

  31. hello po sir,

    ask ko lang po if pwede mka order ng mudcrab po sa zamboanga city po?magkano din po?

  32. we are having a research about tilapia fry. we are planning to buy in your store. i just want to ask the following:

    -are you separating male from female tilapia fry?

    -does the sizes listed above is also 3-5 day old fry?


  33. Hi there,
    do you also ship overseas to Europe? Looking forward receiving information on shipping conditions and prices.

    • Hello Jones! Thanks for the query. I am sorry to say that we can’t help you with that concern because SEAFDEC/AQD is a research and development organization and we do not handle procedures such as exporting products to other countries. However, you can buy fry and fingerlings from us but shipping it overseas is no longer part of the services we offer. Thanks you very much!

  34. Would you be aware of a company which is nearer to Trinidad (Caribbean), from which I could purchase red snapper fingerlings?

    Thanks in advance :-)

  35. Dear Sir/madam,

    What is the procedure for exporting this product? Please let me know the details as I want to order those lists of fish above and send to my friend oversea.

    Thank you and your soonest response will be much appreciate.

    Best Regards,
    Feb trestiza

    • Hello Feb! Thanks for the query. We can’t help you with that because SEAFDEC/AQD is a research and development organization and we do not handle procedures such as exporting products to other countries. However, you can buy fry and fingerlings from us and sending it to your friend overseas will be up to you. Cheers!

  36. Eugenio Corpus III

    Sir/Madam, interested po akong magorder ng Bighead Carp sa Office nyo size 17/14, ano po ang minimum order? nagdedeliver po ba kayo sa Talim island lang po ako fishpen ko.

    • Hello Mr. Corpus! I had sent this question to our expert and I believe that the answer will be send to your email. Thanks!

  37. Good day,

    I would like to inquire for training or any related activities with regards to ornamental fresh water fish production; I would like to breed ornamental fish like koi, gold fish, arowana etc. Currently I have existing pond containing tilapia with abundant water source. Any idea/help where to begin with? And where do I export/sell the ornamental fish? Any reference and guidance will highly appreciate.

    Thank you Very much,

  38. prudencio dela cruz

    sir pa a no po ang transfortation sa bangus fry from ur place to davao po?
    my technogoly po ba ka u sa larvae kung pa a no mag hatch?

  39. christopher bravo oton

    how much is the cost of fingerlings milkfish pompano and danggit at davao del sur or davao city thanks

  40. We are looking to grow sea cucumbers. Could you please tell us where we can import sea cucumber fingerlings from?

  41. Dear Sir/Maam,

    I would like to inquire if your company export seabass, red snapper and grouper fingerlings to Singapore. Whom can we inquire regarding the cost and how can we order?

    Thanks and regards

  42. Michael R. Mohameran

    saan po ako makakabili ng sibling or fry ng grouper?

  43. Michael R. Mohameran

    taga surigao city po ako saan po may malapit na bilihan ng fry or fingerling ng grouper.

    09175480076 & 09462320670


  44. i am interested to buy 1 million milkfish figerlings pls email me huch much it cost if i will pick up in pasay city the fingerlings

    • Hi Mr. Uy! We sell milkfish fry (21 days old), not fingerlings, with the price ranging from Php 0.20 – Php 0.30. For 300,000 pieces of fry (maximum quantity per shipment), total cost is around Php 90,000-95,000 (includes packaging materials, freight cost, and transportation cost). If you’re interested to order, please call/text 0915-681-2533.

  45. Good Pm po ask ko lang po kung may fingerlings na po ba kayo ng RED TILAPIA may minimum numbers ba na need bilin and nag a accept po ba kayo ng delivery or by shipping Bulacan po ako

  46. Good day, magkano po minimum order similya ng rabbitfish? pwede po ba 5,000 pcs lang muna. try ko po sana 5x5x4 meters na cage.thanks po.

    • Hello Regor! We have a per piece price of rabbitfish as indicated above. The price depends on the size you prefer to purchase. Thanks!

  47. Hello, may I ask your location for me to buy tilapia fry/fingerlings/breeders… I would like to start a backyard tilapia farming, and if you are offering a short courses for basic tilapia raising? hoping for your response. Thanks!

    • Hello Mark! Thanks for your interest in purchasing our products. For tilapia fry and fingerlings, please come and visit our BFS (Binangonan Freshwater Station) in SEAFDEC Aquaculture Department, Binangonan, 1903 Rizal, Philippines.

  48. freshwater species lang ba available sa binangonan? grouper and crab fry/fingerlings and other marine species sa iloilo lang?

  49. Hi! I’m interested in cultivating prawns with milkfish. My ponds are in san enrique, neg. occ. can you refer me to the nearest prawn hatchery?

  50. Good day sa inyong lahat,inquire ko lang po yung mga requirements needed to set up black tiger prawn farm,cost,marketing,harvesting etc. Thanks.

  51. Hello,

    Good day to you Sir. Magkano ba ang shipment costs nyo to Cebu City for tilapia (breeders/fingerlings)? Or are you shipping to Cebu? Thanks.

    • Good day mayongv, yes, we can ship to Cebu. Shipping cost would depend on the quantity of your order. Please call (033) 511-9029 to know the corresponding shipping cost of your order.

  52. Can we request for your referral on names and contact numbers of reputable prawn(penaeus monodon) fry hatcheries who regularly send their postlarvae(PLs) to your laboratory for screening? The information will be used solely for possible sourcing of quality fry which will eventually be stocked in shrimp ponds in bulacan. thank you.

  53. sir ask ko lng po, if my freshwater rotifers kyo benbnta jan? tnx

  54. Dear Sir,

    We are very much interested in culturing of silver pompano , now we are in sri lanka and running BOI company , we need to know from you , can you supply silver pompano brood stock and silver pompano fry .please let us know as soon as possible . looking forward to hear from you soon ,

    gowri – 00949746933.

  55. I would like to buy juvenile freshwater prawns and tilapia size 17/14. can you ship to cebu?

    • Hi Mr. Uy! Yes, we can ship to Cebu. To order both prawn and tilapia, please email the OIC of our station in Binangonan Dr. Frolan Aya ( Our station in Iloilo is also producing freshwater fry, but only for tilapia. If you want to order tilapia here, please call (033) 511-9029. Thank you.

  56. Good Day,

    i am from Sta. Cruz, Marinduque. I am in my second month of culturing rabbitfish in my small fish cage (200 sq. m).. do you have branch here in luzon near in my area. i am willing to get rabbitfish fingerlings from you. thanks..

    • Good day Mr. Pielago! We have a station in Binangonan, Rizal but only freshwater species are produced there. Our rabbitfish fry (1 cm @ Php 1/pc) is produced in our main station in Tigbauan, Iloilo but we do accept orders outside Iloilo. Kindly coordinate your order with our marine fish hatchery manager ( Thank you.

  57. Sir/mada,

    When will be your crab lets available wih sizes of 0.5 cm to 1 cm. I am interested to buy around 20.000 pcs

  58. Fidel Benlot, Jr.

    paano ako maka order ng similya ng tilapia dito kmi sa valenzuela? magkano?

    • Hello po! Maaari po kayong umorder sa aming Binangonan Freshwater Station sa Binangonan, Rizal. I-email nyo po ang inyong order kay Dr. Frolan Aya ( The price ranges from Php 0.20 to Php 0.50 per piece for sizes 24/22-17/14. Salamat po!

  59. Lorenzo Pedro D.Dumol

    I am from Capiz Province, i would like to if inquire if where can i buy Red Tilapia Breeders and African Hito Fingerlings (1.5 inches) and how much its cost?
    Lorenzo Pedro D. Dumol
    Brgy. Salocon, Panit-an, Capiz 5815

    • Good day Mr. Dumol! Our tilapia breeders cost about Php 25 each and we only sell native catfish fingerlings (0.5 inch – Php 1.00/pc; 1 inch – Php 2.00/pc). Please call (033) 511-9029. Thank you.

  60. Hello Seafdec,
    Do you still have sea bass? Are these similar to large mouth bass found in Pantabangan and Caliraya? If so, can I purchase 1,000 pcs? Thanks?

    • Hi Kristine! Yes, we do have sea bass and this species can thrive in freshwater (salinity=0 ppt) like the largemouth bass found in Pantabangan; we have shipped sea bass that was stocked in the dam there. We hope this helps.

  61. good evening! I am supplying milkfish fry and i order it from indonesia, can I be a member of your organization? and is there any seminar that could help grow my business. thank you.
    here is my number 0915-966-4756

  62. Good day po…sir/maam

    Mayroon po kau na stock sa ABALONE ngayon…anong gagawin natin kapag bumili po kami..nandito to kami sa bohol ngayun….
    ito yung cell number ko…09328665243



    • Good day Mr. Alipoyo! You can reserve or inform us of how many abalone juveniles you need and when you need them so we will put you on our list of clients. Please email our abalone hatchery manager (Mr. Nestor Bayona, Salamat po!

  63. merun po b kau fry ng mangagat,ganun din po fry ng apahap tnx po gerald yason from san jose occ.mindoro

  64. Hi Guys, I’d like to inquire about good quality Saline Tilapia fingerlings,Male and Female Breeders. My pond located in Banate, Iloilo. To start, I need quotation for 150 thousand Fingerlings size 17/14, Male breeders 500 and Female Breeders 1500.Please let me know also the availability.

    • Hi Nikki! We mostly sell (freshwater) tilapia fingerlings; size 17/14 costs Php 75,000 per 150,000 or Php 0.50 per piece. Please call (033) 511-9029 because sometimes saline tilapia fingerlings are available.

  65. Mabuhay ! simpleng tao lang po ako at gusto ko sanang mag-alaga ng tilapia na M/F na ubra ng mangitlog kahit sa isang simpleng aquarium lang po.Yun po kc ang plano ko sanang mapagkukunan ng mga semilya para ilipat nman sa ihahanda kong Pond sa likod bahay lang nmin o kahit po tanke lang ng tubig.Ilang M/F ang dapat at makano po kaya magagastos,Dito po ako manggagaling sa Antipolo CT at hindi pa kabisado ang daan papunta dyan.Cancer patient din po kc ako at gusto ko sanang mag-iwan sa mga Kapamilya ko ng kahit simpleng pangkabuhayan nila na pag-uumpisahan.Salamat po at aasahan ko kayo dito.

    • Hello Mr. Centeno, i-email po namin ang inyong request sa aming Binangonan Freshwater Station, Tapao Pioint, Binangonan, Rizal. Si Dr. Frolan Aya po ang in-charge ng station ( Meron din po kaming training on tilapia hatchery and grow-out farming, at tsaka mga manuals (in Filipino or English) on tilapia. God bless.

      • Maraming maraming Salamat po sa iñong sagot,
        hihintayin ko nalang po ang kanilang e-mail sa kin,Mabuhay at magandang umaga po

      • Hello Miss Rossea

        Good morning po, just wanna ask po yung schedules nyo po sa Tilapia trainings and how much po yung cost.

        Yours respectfully,


        • Good day Rick! This year’s 5-day training on tilapia costs Php 6,000 and was held in July; most likely, next year’s training will also be held during this month with the same training fee. For further details, you may contact or call (02) 502-6716.

  66. Order po sna ako 50,000 milk fish fry, meron po kyo black tiger prawn? Crablets 10,000

    • Good day Mr. Cordero! Salamat po sa inyong interes na bumili sa amin ng semilya. I-forward po namin ang inyong order kay Ms. Ofelia Reyes ( para sa milkfish fry at tsaka kay Dr. Emilia Quinitio ( para sa crablets. Paki-hintay na lang po ng kanilang reply sa inyong email. Wala po kaming binebenta na black tiger prawn.

  67. gusto ko po mag-try mag-culture ng rabbitfish d2 sa romblon. pls give me contact number for inquiries

  68. Hello and Good day,
    i would like to buy the following for my hatchery;
    name of buyer: Mr. Kumagai
    address: 79mt. vernon st. filinvest I batasan hills Q.C
    tel.: 951-6371
    commodity ordered: grouper 1.0 inch 1000 pcs, abalone 3.6-4.0 inch tagged 1000pcs, crablets 3-5 cm 1000 pcs’
    date needed:Nov 30 2012

    • Good day Mr. Kumagai! Since we serve orders on a first-come-first-serve basis, we no longer have available grouper and abalone fry to sell. If you like, we can reserve the same for you in next year’s (2013) breeding season. As for the crablets, we usually sell them when they reached carapace width of 1.5-2 cm; the crablets will be available sometime in December; please email your order/reservation to

  69. jamelita t. flores


    may i know if it is possible for us to buy and transport tagged mature and juvenile abalones for our stock enhancement project here in Gonzaga, Cagayan? and how much will it cost us if we cover all the expenses.

    may i also ask if you have available juveniles/broodstocks of sandfish (Holothuria scabra)and how much.

    thank you!

    • Hi Jamelita! We inquired from our abalone hatchery manager and it seems their order list for abalone is full up to July 2013. Since it takes to 3-4 months to raise (and diet-tag) a batch, maybe some will be available in November-December next year; please inquire again if you’re still interested. As for sandfish, we do not sell juveniles/broodstock at this time since all our hatchery production are used for research.

  70. Interesado po sana akong bumili ng day old milkfish larvae. Dito po ako sa Himamaylan City, Neg. Occ., hindi po ba delikado ang pag transport ng semilya? Personal po ba akong pupunta dyan para bumili o pwede nyo ipadala na lang at dito ko na lang sa Bacolod kunin?

    • Hi Joma! Hindi naman delikado ang pag-transport ng newly hatched larvae. We also give 3% allowance para sa mortality. And yes, we can either send you the packed larvae to Bacolod port or you can come to SEAFDEC/AQD to watch the harvest / packing of the larvae and arrange their transport yourself.

  71. Inquire ko lang po kung paano itransport ang grouper fingerlings? Since kung galing iloilo to samar? or from binangonan to samar? di po ba madedead?

    • Hi Grace! Hindi po mamatay ang fingerlings kasi nilalagay po ito sa plastic bag na may malinis na tubig alat at may oxygen. Pagkatapos, ang plastic bag ay nilalagay sa carton na may ice pack para ma-maintain ang cool temperature during transport. Via air cargo po ipapadala ang inyong order; but we only arrange shipment up to the Cebu airport; you need to arrange transport from Cebu to Samar.

  72. Good day!I am an alumni of SEAFDEC trainings (Marine Fish Hatchery 1998 and Internship Training yr 2000).I would like to ask if you can provide us Seabass fry (L. calcarifer). We would like to try and test this commodity here in the United Arab Emirates in a fresh water recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). We need around 50,000 fry and if this will be successful, we will order every month with the same volume. Kindly inform us what are the requirements from the government authorities so that we can comply and make this request possible. Thanks and my regards.

    • Good day Felmar! In our initial talks with AQD’s marine fish hatchery manager, yes, it is possible for AQD to provide 1-cm fry at the volume you requested but the delivery will not be monthly but every two months because sea bass need to be spawned and its eggs/larvae grown to this size first. We are also not an exporter, so we’re afraid we can’t help you there; but perhaps you can contact DA-BFAR on this; they have a website.

  73. Goodday Sir/Madam;do you have native hito and dalag fingerlings at Binangonan station? Would
    you qoute me,how much are they? available any-
    day or put an order to be pickup?.or drive there and buy? needing just enough for amateur
    backyard aquaculturist.thanx

    • Hi Mr. Salcedo! We have native hito fingerlings but we don’t have dalag. Hito fingerlings cost Php1/cm. Due to the low demand of hito, we only produce the fingerlings by order basis. You can order in advance and arrange for transport. And it would take about a month of rearing to reach the desired size. For further details, please email or call (02) 502-6716.

  74. Good day. Is it possible to raise and breed ayungin in an aquaponic system? If so, where can I buy fingerlings?

    • Good day Mr. Bernardo! We’re afraid that we don’t have an aquaponics set-up or experience. We were only able to breed ayungin by hormone induction; and since the research is still in progress, we don’t sell ayungin fingerlings yet. Maybe BFAR can help find/direct you to suppliers of ayungin fingerlings.

  75. Good Day!

    Ask ko lang yong Tilapia na 3-5 day old fry sex reversed na po ba yon? If now how old dapat yong pag aapply ng sex revesal proccess?

    • Hi Leo! No, tilapia is not yet sex-reversed at this age. According to our expert, newly hatched tilapia should be fed with hormone containing diets for about 21-27 days to induce sex reversal in female fry.

  76. Hello po Webmaster.

    Ask ko lang po sana regarding the tilapia fingerlings size 14, same pa rin po ba yung price as above. Could you please let me know how old and big it is in terms of its length and weight.

    Also kindly advise po yung pick up area.



    • Hi Rick! Yes, the price is still the same. Size 14 is about 90 days old (tank reared) with a length of about 1.8-2 inches and approximately weighs 4-5 grams. We can ship tilapia to you or you can pick them up at our Binangonan, Rizal station.

  77. Ask q lang po ung mininmum purchase for red tilapia and how much is the shipping cost bound to Butuan city? Salamat po!!!

    • Hi Ms. Nemis! We don’t have a minimum order requirement; we let our clients decide on the quantity. Regarding the freight to Butuan, we can’t give you an estimate since we have no previous experience shipping to your place. We need to know first the quantity that you wish to order for us to compute the corresponding shipping cost. For further details, please call (033) 511-9029.

  78. Good day Sir/Madam!
    I want to ask if you have any tilapia hatcheries or any place in Northern Luzon where I can buy tilapia fingerlings. I am from Panagasinan and have a tilapia fish farm.

  79. Where in Bicol region can we buy pla pla fry or fingerlings of good quality? We are in Catanduanes. Thank you.

    • Hi Rossen! Our stations in Tigbauan, Iloilo and in Binangonan, Rizal sell pla pla fingerlings (Php 0.20-0.50/pc for sizes 24/22 to 17/14). To order in Iloilo please call (033) 511-9029; while in Rizal, please email or call (02) 502-6716

  80. wayne whittingham

    Can you tell me if your Red Snapper is : Lutjanus argentimaculatus , or commonly known in Australia as Mangrove Jack …. Thank you

    • Hi Wayne! Lutjanus argentimaculatus is mangrove red snapper or mangagat. This is the species that we study here at SEAFDEC.

  81. Hi, do you have more info about Rabbitfish? How fast they grow? How big? Diet? Gracilaria? Kappaphycus? Can breed in seawater pond and cages? Thanks.

  82. gud day poh.f mag order po ako ng fry ng freshwater prawn,magkano po ang total expences at at mai deliver nyo po ba dito sa gensan.PL 10-15 po at magkano po ang inyong mortality allowance?

  83. Daniel Wickenhauser

    Hello, we have a fishfarm at binangonan and were interested to buy 1M pcs of Tilapia. My question is, is it possible to buy there on the spot and to get them delivered at the farm ? Also do u guys know a cleaning service ?

  84. Ano po ang pwedeng isabay sa mudcrab maliban sa bangus at tiger prawn? Meron po ba kayo ng brakishwater prawn seeds?

  85. Hi sir,
    Inquire lang po kami ng crablets at tiger prawn firgerlings prices. We are in Bohol so saan po ito iffreight at how much po?.At yung need sana namin yung puede maharvest in 3 to 4 mos if there is? thanks again

  86. Good day i’m interested in grouper(epinephelus straitus) and red snapper aquaculture in Nassau The Bahamas. Do you have this species of grouper fingerlings , and if so can they be transferred by air in a timely manner to avoid high mortality rates?

  87. edwardo estevez jr

    Gud pm sir, can you help me, where can i find buyer for my abalone, pls refer me to a person or place where i can bring my product (abalone) tnx in advance Sir, more power to SEAFDEC, Mabuhay, Philippines

  88. Maliban po sa Brestan, mayroon pa po ba kayong alam na mabisang pamatay ng suso? Kailan po available ang milkfish larvae? Thank you po sa pagsagot nyo sa queries ko and Happy new year po sa inyong lahat dyan!

  89. Good day sir/madam!

    are there still available brood stock/juveniles of abalone by this coming March 2013? thank you.

  90. Dear Sir,

    we would like to buy Tilapia fry from you please tell us the modus operandi


    abhay singh

  91. Hi! I was just wondering, is it possible for me to see a sample of your bangus fry? If I come over, will I be allowed to see them? What stage are they in right now?

  92. Do you sell milkfish fingerlings? If so, how much? I don’t see any milkfish fingerlings on the list. Thanks!

    • Good day Clyde, we’re sorry but we don’t sell milkfish fingerlings. We only sell milkfish larvae and fry.

  93. how can we order milkfish fingerlings? im from mindanao

  94. may minimum purchase po ba yung crablets na 3-5 cm?

    yang crablets po ba na yan e mud crab na pwede sa brackwish water?

    nasa aklan po ako.pwede po ba i transport dito yan?sure po ba na walang mamatay on the way here para d naman sayang yung bayad.

    ask ko n din advisable po ba n i individual cages na un crablets na 3-5 cm?parang crab fattening style para madali lang i sort out?at pwede na po ba sila agad pakainin ng trash fish?

    sana po makakuha agd ako ng response sa inyo dahil medyo walang ng bebenta sa amin ng crablets from the wild.

  95. is there a minimum order for 1 inch Seabass (Apahap)? I have some freshwater ponds that I want to stock with.

    is so, how many? and can about delivery? I am from Tarlac…


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